Openly Secular Day 2015

Mar 25, 2015

Join us on April 23rd to celebrate the first-ever Openly Secular Day!

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  • Was April 23rd chosen for any particular reason? I notice that it’s International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, but I don’t see any obvious link. I like the idea of…


    More people will attend your event if there is a way to participate, so set up a visible and interactive Openly Secular Wall! This can be anything from a chalk or dry-erase board to a large sheet of paper spread out so that people can write that they are Openly Secular, or write questions. It also gives attendees a chance to share their stories so that others can read later. At the end, you can find a forum to display the results, or smash through the paper to symbolize decreasing stigma towards secular worldviews. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos!

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  • I would like to see ‘Openly Secular Day’ have official colors, like Christmas (red and green), Halloween (black and orange) and St Patrick’s Day (green). For me, the colors might spark a conversation that might seem less threatening to hard-core theists. Of course, I’m assuming that is the point of Openly Secular Day–I could be wrong?

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  • That prompts a closer look –

    these are the logos/slogans, presumably. Red/white/blue could be taken as “patriotic”; heart-shaped DNA helix is a nice touch.

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  • I like the design, but not the colors. I think black and white would serve the dual purpose of being (a) a more striking contrast and (b) separate the “gray” areas of theism.

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  • black and white

    Yeah, much better, otherwise it has the look of a Fourth of July shindig invite.

    Maybe retain the red helix heart, similar to a new usps postage stamp.

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