Penn Jillette and Teller

Mar 31, 2015

Penn Jillette and Teller are Openly Secular and think that becoming Openly Secular is getting much better and much easier.

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  • I’ve had good success discussing my atheism with Christian friends. A few have reacted badly, but they simply cut me out of their lives, which maybe wasn’t such a loss on a lot of levels. I’ve had less success with friends of other religions… maybe in time.

    My problem is with strangers. I’ve had my car keyed for having a Darwin fish on it. I’ve been screamed at in parking lots while holding my (then) toddler, told I was going to “burn in hell, bitch!” and worse.

    I am not freely atheist because people are cruel and violent. I do appreciate the irony in a Christian telling me I have no morals because I don’t believe in their God, and doing it in the most immoral way possible, but I prefer not to be a target when I can help it.

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  • I remember being a kid and realizing how silly religion seemed, but it was depressing not being able to express it to anyone. I was lucky to discover George Carlin and others who could speak plainly what I would be reprimanded or ostracized for saying myself. Today, it’s easier to be casually atheist and build friendships with like-minded individuals. I’m grateful that the movement has taken as strong a hold as it has and genuinely optimistic for the future.

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  • I live just north of Minnesota, that would not happen here. this is very sad and disturbing that a inquisitive mind is so blindly shunned. of course we know that our morals are in place and exceed those of the bible (in most cases)

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  • I do not proclaim my being an atheist (nor do i hide it mind you) not because i am afraid of persecution but because i have seen too many who have become arrogant douchebags about it in recent years. You don’t believe in god? Great! Just don’t go out of your way to harass those who do. Live and let live. If they try to impose their beliefs on you by all means defend your self and stand up for your principles but otherwise chill out. It’s like those annoying vegans… “how do you know if someone is a vegan? Oh don’t worry they’ll tell you”

    Being arrogant and antagonistic about your beliefs only serves to raise tensions. If people think you are an ass, their mind is already closed and you can no longer reason with them.

    Just sayin

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