The Parents Who Give Their Children Bleach Enemas to ‘Cure’ Them of Autism

Mar 22, 2015

Photo via Flickr user Joe Loong

By Stefan Sirucek

Whether you have AIDS, malaria, cancer, or autism, there is a product sold on the internet that claims it can cure you. That product, called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), sounds a lot like other pseudoscientific remedies—but unlike many suspect forms of new age medicine that are scientifically unproven but benign, MMS can actively harm you in serious ways. That’s because it’s a solution of 28 percent sodium chlorite which, when mixed with citric acid as instructed, forms chlorine dioxide (ClO2), a potent form of bleach used in industrial pulp and textile bleaching.

Obviously, this is not exactly something you want to put in your body. And yet some parents are giving this dangerous substance to their children, both orally and through enemas, in the belief that it will cure their child of autism.

The FDA has been aware of MMS for some time; in 2010 it issued a warning that the product turns into “a potent bleach” that “can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration” if ingested. There are reports of at least one possible death from MMS use, and in January children were removed from a home in Arkansas on the suspicion that parents were giving them the solution in some form. Media investigations have shown that the substance will quickly bleach cloth, leading one scientist to tell North Carolina’s WFMY News that she would only use it to clean her shower.

Nevertheless, there are a number of people who are convinced that using Miracle Mineral Solution—also known as following the “CD Protocol” (CD stands for chlorine dioxide)—will cure whatever ails them. They believe that it works by clearing the body of mystery parasites known as “rope worms” and other pathogens that they believe cause autism (this theory, to be clear, is wholly unsupported by medical science). And it’s not just autism. MMS is marketed as a classic cure-all, purported to treat everything from diabetes to malaria to Ebola to AIDS. There’s even a pseudo-Wikipedia where you can look up which “protocol” to follow to cure any illness, whether the complaint is baldness or brain cancer.

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21 comments on “The Parents Who Give Their Children Bleach Enemas to ‘Cure’ Them of Autism

  • Sorry…. bleach?! So they’ve moved on from chelation therapy, which it takes science to know is dangerous, to something that’s so famously dangerous I thought everyone knew it. Forget the pseudoscience for the moment – why do these parents find it so difficult to accept their children on the autism spectrum the way that they are?

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  • I think we’re out of the realm of innocent ignorance here, by a noticeable length, and into that of blatant stupidity. This may sound harsh but if some people are stupid enough to think that ingesting bleach (or squirting it into their children’s behind) can cure anything, they should probably not be allowed to have children.

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  • So basically, we can systematically shut down web sites that hurt corporate wallets (Music/Film/Software) but we cannot do likewise to web sites that have the potential to hurt peoples health. At least we have our priorities right.

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  • I don’t like seeming like I’m smarter than others, I realise just how much I have to learn on this site all the time, how ignorant I am about so much. But Bloody hell! How do these people even know enough to to manage to breed?! Just how stupid can you be and still survive. One more day on this planet and one more surprise. I would really like to believe our species can become something magnificent. Things like this make it very hard sometimes.

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  • Gotta love the disclaimer…

    “The protocols described on this site are official sacraments of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. The reader accepts 100% responsibility for any and all use made of any information herein.”

    So no need to prove their methods work (sacraments), they are a church (IRS?) and you are responsible for anything that happens to you if you follow their instructions?

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  • Oh jeeze, I have to reveal that I have employed the very same dilution recipe as the one stated on the container above (8drops/gallon) when I lived in North Africa for some years. We used it in our drinking water and in water that we used to wash lettuce and other food items that were consumed raw. It was common practice in those days and it didn’t come from the outside, it came from the North African residents themselves. My Algerian in-laws warned me to make this part of my everyday cooking practice if I wanted to avoid food poisoning. Bleach is an important disinfectant in that part of the world.

    Disclaimer: I’m not recommending or endorsing this practice and I’m especially not recommending that anyone pump this up their bum! ouch! This was just by way of a little anthropological side note, that’s it. 😉

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  • 10
    Lorenzo says:

    Well, actually “beach” refers to a number of chemicals… and, yes, some of them are used to sanitize water and/or food at some low (2% -volume, I suppose) concentrations. But as a medicine in improbably high concentrations?

    I think the one you used is the Sodium hypochlorite, which has an Oxygen atom less than the Sodium chlorite up there. Therefore it reacts differently when mixed with other compounds.

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  • Millions of years of spectacular brain-honing by natural selection to get from figuring out how to chip rocks for tools to exploring space and beginning to understand molecular biology and quantum physics – and yet here these primates are, squirting bleach up their asses to get rid of “rope worms” and cure autism.

    Jesus Jumped-Up Christ in a shit-fired sidecar. If Homo Erectus could see how some of their descendants turned out, they’d be rolling in their fossil beds.

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  • But as a medicine in improbably high concentrations?

    ~breaks out in cold sweat~

    Now Lorenzo, dear Cheshire cat that you definitely are…you did read my disclaimer, didn’t you? Back then, or even now, when the native folk recommend a few drops of bleach into the drinking water with the goal of avoiding killer dysentery, just personally, I’m definitely going to swig from the bleach water jug! You can make your own informed choice of course!

    Have you ever had the kind of killer dysentery that can only be had and appreciated in the context of the hopeless medical situation of a third world country? My intestines are twisting themselves into a knot just remembering the horror of it all. I remember being so weak that I couldn’t make it to the bathroom and that’s when my mother in law started doing magic spells. Oh shit. Literally.

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  • Is not poisoning someone’s coffee a serious criminal offence? Surely then poisoning someone’s enema should be too. How corrupt a system must you have that poisoners like these can bribe their way to stay in business?

    This reminds me. In the 1950s, Lysol disinfectant was sold as a vaginal deodorant . Lysol killed many of its customers. I am so surprised at how many people think corporations should have no supervision whatsoever.

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  • Perhaps these parents could be convinced to test the potion on themselves, much the way a mother tests the temperature of the milk on her wrist.

    What kind of pharmacy stocks a product like this? There has to be ways to publicly shame all responsible.
    Hmm. How about a story on it being used on kittens. That will sic the furies.

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  • 15
    Lorenzo says:

    you did read my disclaimer, didn’t you?

    Yes, yes, of course I did!
    I was just making the point that “bleach” is a name given to many substances and the life savior one is very likely a different compound than the one that’s being sold as a miraculous cure 😉

    It’s a similar nomenclature effect to that of alcohols: if you find the ethyl sort at a party you’re going to have fun, if you find the methyl one you’re gonna have a funeral.

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  • Right then, I didn’t know about the bleach differences but I do know about the two different alcohols.

    Just had a thought that might mitigate the effects of this bleach-happy bunch. Could we convince them to use a homeopathic bleach enema? A homeopathic concoction with bleach-water-memory could be safely pumped into any orifice at all!

    I’d like to formally request funding for this business venture at this time. This is my business because I thought of it first. ~glares~

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  • That’s because it’s a solution of 28 percent sodium chlorite which,
    when mixed with citric acid as instructed, forms chlorine dioxide
    (ClO2), a potent form of bleach used in industrial pulp and textile

    Obviously, this is not exactly something you want to put in your body

    The editors on this website should be careful with this kind of statement. This kind of reasoning is precisely what some people follow to say that vaccines and medicines are dangerous. e.g.: thiomersal has a mercury molecule on it -> mercury is a heavy metal -> heavy metals are poisonous -> vaccines are poisonous.

    The dosage is explained on the “Protocol 1000” page, and while it looks dodgy, I’d prefer to have someone say for sure “this is dangerous for internal use in all concentrations above x” rather scaremongering of exactly the same type that others use when they reject medicine.

    The swimming pool at my health club uses bleach to maintain the water and I would not say it’s all dangerous when there’s a difference between the concentration doing nothing, being irritant for the eyes or killing both plant and animal life.

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  • If “gawd” created us in his image, why are some of us dumber than mud? These people had to be taught to blink and balance themselves.

    The human race is defective.

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