Wyatt, Converts

Mar 16, 2015

Today is my 19th birthday, which marks 12 years of sharing ideals, or should I say facts with a great mind like yours. I was raised in Mt. Angel, Oregon; a Catholic town with a historic church and close-minded civilians. I was baptised there, and have been told by my mother (who shares the same views as myself, but not by my brother and father) that I clearly wasn’t a follower of god, due to the fact that I kicked and screamed simply because I didn’t want filthy water on my head. I spent a lot of time as a child with my great Aunt’s, who promised me eternal bliss through a 3′ high statue of Jesus. I played along with the thought of this magical place, but even as a 4 year old boy knew life cannot go on forever, because that would exclude the point of life itself. As you say: “to leave the world a better place than when you arrived.” I live by this verse rather than the one that tells me slavery is okay and to stone those who have premarital sex. 12 years ago today my mother broke the news to my seven year old self that Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and all magic was just pretend. Only a fun, yet heart-breaking experience for children. I was strangely okay with it, mostly because I had previously questioned  why mom and Santa had the same John Handcock. What she didn’t tell me that day was that Jesus wasn’t real. After being told that magic is pretend, I automatically assumed heaven and all other god’s (notice the lower case G) tricks fell under that same category. I quickly found out they don’t. I am not here to tell you my memoir, but to thank you for giving me the confidence to break out from hiding in my own knowledge. The God Delusion has changed my life. I now realize that I am greatly more intelligent than those I was afraid to share thoughts about life itself with. I have shared my thoughts with friends and family, and surprisingly changed the ideals of more friends than anticipated. Life and all its changes are beautiful.

I recently totaled my car on the way to work. My boss assured me god had my back, and was looking out for me by keeping me unharmed. I replied: Why did he roll my car in the first place?

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