Aimee, Converts

Apr 15, 2015

To Richard Dawkins,

My name is Aimee and I am a 13 yr old girl who lives in Britain and I think you are brilliant. I have recently read your book “The God Delusion” which was recommended to me by my uncle.

I attended a Catholic Primary school since the age of five, and up to the age of ten I believed , without doubt, that God was extremely real and Christianity was the one true religion.
We were taught creationism and that God created us, the planets, etc. We even had our own bible which we had to read in some classes. I had never even heard of evolution or natural selection until I was in my last year of Primary (even then it wasn’t the school who taught me about it).

I began to doubt my religion at that point, finding out more scientific evidence which started to tear apart my belief. I thought, “How could God have created the planets when there is scientific proof that the big bang did?”, “How did God make us when there is strong evidence of evolution?”. My answer was , he didn’t. I went into Secondary school as an agnostic, I still couldn’t shake off parts of my belief in God, heaven and hell, etc. I called myself a Catholic still, because I knew no other way. I realised that the more I thought about God and Christianity, the more farfetched and unrealistic it all seemed. I was on the verge of Atheism, then I read your wonderful book which told me a hell of a lot about how silly religion and people’s religious beliefs is. I am proud to admit I have now been converted to an absolute Atheist and nothing could change my mind. I can now say I am going to get on and live my life without constantly thinking “God wouldn’t approve, that wouldn’t impress God, I hope I don’t go to hell.”  Thank you for writing this book and I hope one day we can live in a religion free world and that people will see sense. Again, thank you very much

Yours sincerely,

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