Chrysta Wilson, Converts, #(2229)

Apr 16, 2015

I grew up in a family that consisted of an atheist dad, a non-practicing, genetically Catholic mother (she was born and raised in Italy, so was catholic by default rather than belief), and a fanatic, everything-is-a-sin christian baby sister. I suppose I’ve always been an atheist, but I kept it quiet unless asked. Mostly because my dad has always been aggressive about his atheism…almost like he believed in God but was severely angry with him, and I didn’t understand that anger.
Religious people do good and bad things in the name of religion, while atheists do good and bad things in the name of….well….good and bad things. I’m in that second category and I think that more people are atheist than we are led to believe. Keep to yourself the hateful comments that do not add to the conversation, instead, arm yourself with knowledge and you’ll find that you can’t get angry with those that are uneducated or brainwashed. Religion is phasing out slowly but surely, it’ll take time, but the whole world will eventually agree that religion is as real as the earth is flat.

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