ISIS Is Islam

Apr 1, 2015

By Michael Sherlock

I guess I should begin by explaining why I have written this piece.  Following the Chapel Hill shooting, I was named as an inspirational accomplice to this horrendous crime.  The plagiarizing “journalist” in question, named me, along with other “New Atheist” authors as having inspired Hick’s horrible crime, and to support his fallacious and libellous assertion, he cited a tweet of mine which read, ‘ISIS is Islam.’ [1] Before this incident, this atheist “journalist” and I had enjoyed some civil disagreements over how to approach the issue of religious criticism, particularly with regards to Islam, but given that he was my former publisher, I paid him the respect of not raising the issue of his proclivity to plagiarize the works of other authors. [2] As I have two young children who will one day grow up to read that irresponsible and libellous statement, that I was partially to blame for the massacre of those innocent Muslims in America, I took his irresponsible and heartless accusation to heart.  As well as releasing a statement to CNN [3], I wanted to clarify what I meant when I said, ISIS is Islam.

Firstly, what I didn’t intend to convey with my statement was that all Muslims are terrorists. Most Muslims aren’t violent terrorists for the same reason that most Jews don’t stone disobedient sons, or murder people for collecting sticks on the Sabbath, despite the unequivocal doctrines of their religions that make such barbarism a religious requirement.

So, what did I mean?

If one examines the central doctrines of Islam, one will easily find justification for many of the horrendous crimes committed by ISIS; from beheading infidels, amputating the hands of thieves, raping female captives, looting in the name of Allah, destroying non-Muslim literature and works of art, and so on. Needless to say, if you can locate such crimes in the core doctrines, texts and practices of Islam, which I will show that you can, then you can’t say that ISIS are un-Islamic, because such scrupulous adherence to scripture represents the perfection of Islam.

Following ISIS’ beheading of Herve Gourdel in Algeria, thousands of French Muslims protested against this cruel and cowardly act.  Anti-ISIS hashtags began to trend on twitter (#NotInMyName) and the French Council of the Muslim Faith released the following statement:

“This gathering is the strong and vibrant expression of our desire for national unity and of our unwavering will to live together” [4]

As sincere as these protests and this peaceful statement were, they contradict some of the core doctrines of Islam.

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