Julia Sweeney – Openly Secular

Apr 15, 2015

Julia Sweeney, former SNL actress, loves the phrase “Openly Secular!” She thinks if everyone would say it, the world would be a better place and you’d be surprised at the positive reactions you might get.

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  • I too was catholic , went through all the indoctrination, was told over and over by nuns and priests, that if I was not good, I would burn in hell for ever and ever, well you know how they are with small children, freaking them out so they will not leave the church, thats child abuse. by the time I was around 14 years old, I had plucked up the courage to say ,”god doesn’t exist,” over about 1 year, I was fine with my new way of seeing life and how things were. When the local priest asked me why I had not been in church for a while, I answered, “I don’t believe in god anymore,” he told me I would burn in hell for eternity. I just laughed and walked away.
    I am now 68 years old, have always told people that I don’t believe in any gods, it has not been a problem for me at all, if people don’t like it, thats up to them.
    Being a free thinker, allow you to be so much more, and discover many things a church would hinder.

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  • I share the same idea and put my sign under each word of yours except some of them such as sunni, my community, 50, 60 instead of catholic, non and priest, 14, 68…

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