Lyndon Taylor, Converts, #(2218)

Apr 16, 2015

I was indoctrinated from birth to believe that there is a God and he sent his son (himself) to earth to die for our sins, in our place. I had some serious doubts growing up, but as I was in an environment in which my Christian beliefs were never directly challenged, I tried to (somewhat successfully, for a time) drown my doubts with faith. I recently stopped trying to believe in Christianity because I came to a place where I was able to acknowledge that I had no good reason to believe it. My cousin played an important role in helping me to let go of my delusions, as has Professor Richard Dawkins and the late great Christopher Hitchens. To all three people, I want to express my sincere gratitude. Thank you. Now I am an atheist and my life still has meaning. In fact, life is much better now that I am an atheist. I feel free. Now I am able to honestly be myself rather than an ambassador for Jesus. It is so liberating to have the freedom to believe what is true, based on good evidence, rather than believing superstitious dogma based on faith, because I was told it is the case by my loving, superstitious parents.

I now have a new zeal for life. Having discovered the fact of evolution (in very large part from Richard Dawkins), I am eager to learn all I can about evolution, biology and science in general. I have decided to study Science at university, majoring in wildlife biology, at the ripe age of twenty-nine. I have to know more about the world and its inhabitants- how we function and how we got to where we are. Letting go of my faith has opened up a new, amazing world- the real world as we know it.

Thank you Richard Dawkins, for helping me to appreciate the magic of reality. I can’t wait to broaden my understanding of things.


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