Mobile woman wins national ‘Atheist Activist of the Year’ award

Apr 14, 2015

Image credit: Courtesy Scott

By Cassie Fambro

Amanda Scott, 21, made waves in 2014 when she stood in front of the Mobile County Commission to oppose signage bearing the phrase “In God We Trust.”

While the measure was approved, Scott’s efforts to make the atheist voice heard have continued.

After speaking out, Scottreceived dozens of messages calling for her torture or death as well as insulting her personally. “Shoot her for treason,” a local Mobile citizen wrote. “I think she will burn in Hell,” said another.

Since then, she advocated for inclusion of atheism in veteran’s memorials and helped coordinate a billboard uniting local atheists with the Gulf Coast Coalition of Reason.

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7 comments on “Mobile woman wins national ‘Atheist Activist of the Year’ award

  • Good for you Ms. Scott! Keep up the good work. It is very difficult, particularly here in the “Bible belt” to express any views counter to the dominant Southern Baptist majority. I am sorry about the threats she has received– I know what that feels like. Hang in there, stay strong, and keep working on it! Thank you!

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  • Don’t worry about the death threats. I got 3200+ of them. Nobody ever shows up to kill you. Why would they warn you? Why would they leave their phone number with the phone company?

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  • 7
    NearlyNakedApe says:

    All those death threats and hate mail show that you can have a society full of violent but passive religionists who approve or advocate violence and intolerance towards those they consider to be sinners, heretics and unbelievers, Christian fundamentalists in this case, but who would not commit those acts of violence themselves as Sam Harris argued (concerning Islam) recently.

    The same phenomenon is true for the Islamic world. In both cases, such people act as enablers for the ones who are truly willing to commit violent acts and in both cases, there are many more of those enablers than religious apologists are willing to admit. The main difference being that there are less “doers” in the Christian persuasion than there are in the Muslim world.

    These enablers play a huge part in this war against humanity. They are sinister bullies in a category of their own. They are nothing but cowardly scumbags who expect others to do their dirty work for them while they watch from the sidelines and drool.

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