Kasey Jones – Openly Secular Project

Apr 7, 2015

Video short for the Openly Secular Project by Kasey Jones

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  • She’s very well spoken and makes me feel hopeful that there are young people in my country who speak like this.

    I hope she influences many people in the USA that (which?) has so much potential, yet is suffering deeply from the mind disease of Faith.

    And yes, she is absolutely beautiful!

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  • I enjoyed Kasey’s comments. I also had a long spell as a JW even giving up my job and commercial studies believing ‘the end’ was coming soon and I worked full time as a door to door witness. The Watchtower encouraged us young folk not to marry or have children because troublesome times were ahead. This was in the 1960’s. Fortunately we ignored this and had 4 children and we dropped out of the religion despite all our families remaining in it. We’ve enjoyed great family life good careers while dire predictions were made for 1975 and 1984 (the generation that saw 1914 was the end). Here we are 101 years later and no end (Deut 18:22)

    My personal let go (it takes time to shift thinking) was writing a 100,000 word thesis on religion, JW’s and science assisted by research (Dawkins books) reading the bible critically and having a good think! I really enjoy science museums, geology (been to Galapagos) and all related books and YouTube with Harris, Hitchens, Dawkins, etc. Its real therapy.

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  • That fact that she was able to overcome the indoctrination that a child faces in that environment and the difficulties a young woman faces especially as a single mom is a real testament (excuse the pun) to the strength of her character. Her poise and understanding of herself is a glimmer of hope in a country that otherwise seems to be sliding back into the dark ages. Good for you Kasey.

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  • Well done, from England Kasey, hope you ” contaminate, ” free many many more! I frighten them away from my door because I read the “holey” books and also enjoyed immensely ” The History of Christianity” by Dairmaid Machulloch (if that’s how you spell his name) so know lots more than they do! They being JW, Morons, Baptists ETC
    Keep up the GOOD work!

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  • Dear Brave Kasey ! I appreciate your giving me and others a comprehensive look into your difficult journey away from another fear-and-guilt-based closed-off-from-thinking&learning fundamentalist group, JW. You are so well-spoken, honest and even compassionate toward your JW family now that you Understand so much: I am thrilled for you and for your children! Yes, it is so very very important to speak up, to not stifle the expression of our minds as we continue to develop understanding of our world and critical thinking AND to be completely confident that being Openly Secular is good for everyone — especially the closed-off ignorant human being around us. LindaNoel, song-writer/singer of “Myth in Genesis” – a catchy tune with a walking bass: “That Myth in Genesis is something to break my heart with. Woman as weak temptress is an image I’m glad to part with. Tell it to the girls when they’re very young, it’s a sure way to keep ’em Under Your Thumb !”

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  • The JWs are closed a minded community of self repressed science denying deluded, who make a virtue out of recruiting others to their delusions and asserted ignorance.

    They regularly distribute their “Watch Tower” magazine at one of our local shopping malls, so always look pleased when I take one – It is more humane to pass it on to the recycling bins, than have it go to some vulnerable innocent.

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  • My very best wishes to Kasey. Her story makes me feel very lucky to have been raised by parents who were not religious. Both of my offspring are also atheists, as I am and have been for many years.

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  • Was very touched by this video. I am English and openly atheist, here . However I spent some time living in Alabama, my mother in law lives there, and was shocked at the ignorance and hatred the so called Christians had toward the rest of the world, and each other. I was shocked at the openly racist attitude of many Christians. While there I must confess I did not feel safe in stating my beliefs, the proliferation of guns was scary for me. So for Kasey and all openly secular people in the United States, you have my utmost respect. Be strong and hopefully a time will come when we shall evolve away from all religion. Good luck Kasey.

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  • my mother said the same thing to me when I was disfellowshipped–that I was fortunate we lived in modern times because I would have been stoned to death. of all the other abuses I suffered while living at home, those words from my mother’s mouth were the most hurtful. Bravo Kasey for sharing your story; people need to know the truth!

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  • Good for you Casey! I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness and am now an atheist and secular. Many of us out here if you ever need support. Take care.

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  • 14
    Jan Pieter says:

    Nice video. From at least 4 vast sources of high end in depth information I did learn that
    religion, science, arts and philosophy.. as well as “decors” like the military, politics, economy etc. come
    from one “underlying” code system. From that “fundamental; basic” point of view.. and “7 level” deep linguistic codification.. religion is just a procedure some people choose as a “decor” while with the same exact code.. some other people choose the procedure words of the scientific proces. What is so puzzling is that person A who “favorises” a religious sequence of thoughts and biographical events.. can act nasty about a scientific and/or secular proceeding person B. And yes vice versa.. There is much good to (s)elect from the various religious systems as well. The wish that her family would step out of the “YW” is not necessarily giving them the blessing of freedom. They should think and feel for themselves what is the right next step.
    The segment about the “mental illness” is really a sad part, one could as well claim that believing in
    taking a (some scientists write: pre-christian) mytho-poetical literary storyline about a good shepherd.. not as a symbol of truth but as a literal truth.. is as well “mentally ill”. I wish we would all grant each other more soft, wise, kindness so our spiritual and material evolution can happen harmoniously “in the time of angels”. You see.. with some irony.. I always blend religion, science, philosophy, arts etc. in a positive manner. While some other people can’t stop manifesting “divide & conquer” discussions because of “lack of linguistical depth”, which feels as a severe violence. Let’s get out of our little frames “christian”, “islamic”. “atheistic”, “scientific” etc. and regenerate our lives for the better.

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  • Surely most of these JWs know this armageddon stuff is crap. The bible itself says you do not know when it will come. Jesus’s other big prophesy about returning within a generation failed.

    This a major evil, scaring little kids with this crap and blackmailing them into prosletysing. The sect deserves extinction.

    My brother married a JW woman, but it died out in the family. My brother is very secular. JWs require mindless unquestioning obedience. Brother Roger is just too irreverent.

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  • JWs are really terrified of this disfellowshipping. Not only are you kicked out of the church, everyone you know in the church including your immediate family, are not allowed to communicate with you in any way. If they get caught, they are disfellowshipped to.

    To extract a JW you need to help them find an new social circle (perhaps at university.) Moving the entire family to a new town with a weak JW presence is a good first step. Then the whole family has to gradually pull away and then cut all ties.

    Perhaps a team of JWs could write an eBook on how to escape.

    These groups masquerade as beacons of morality, but they are just monetary cons like any religion.

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  • Disarming the fear of disfellowshipping has to be a major technique to destroy JWism.

    A century ago, it would have been easy to enforce. Neighbours would see disfellowshipped people entering a believer house, or believers visiting a disfellowshipped house.

    Today it would be much harder. We have phone, email, letters, websites. Letters can be printed giving no clue to their true authors. There are fairly simple techniques to foil run of the mill snoops. People can travel long distances by air, train and car for meetings.

    One a disfellowshipped person convinces a believer to violate the disfellowship rules, they are well on their way to leaving themselves. The JW organisation becomes the enemy.

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  • Jan Pieter
    Apr 11, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    You see.. with some irony.. I always blend religion, science, philosophy, arts etc. in a positive manner.

    That sounds like a recipe for an illusion made of meaningless fudge.

    While some other people can’t stop manifesting “divide & conquer” discussions because of “lack of linguistical depth”, which feels as a severe violence.

    Discussions of damaging mental conditions, destructive politics, and scientific analysis, rarely lack depth of meaning in their terminology.

    Let’s get out of our little frames “christian”, “islamic”. “atheistic”, “scientific” etc. and regenerate our lives for the better.

    There is a clear false equivalence here.
    Evidence based rational thought of scientists and many atheists, is the basis for regenerating lives and societies, where as religious delusions such as those of repressive JWs or of Islamist suicide bombers, have only grief to offer those around them.

    All views and opinions are not equal in the world of reality!

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  • Good on you, Kasey. I’m glad your path on the road to rationality was not more than you could bear.
    Sorry your family values their place within doctrine more than love.
    Also, good to see the nose ring and tattoos. Your enthusiasm for self expression not being completely crushed is a miracle. chuckles

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