Podcast debating religion with right wing conservative Irish journalist

Apr 16, 2015

JP O’ Malley  interviews conservative Irish Journalist John Waters.

Some of the topics they cover include:

  • If spirituality can still be achieved without the concept of God?
  • Is there still a need for religious institutions in a secular age.
  • Has the soup of human culture finally replaced a need for regular church going?
  • Do the things that once attracted people to churches such as community, or a sense of awe, and othernessstill provide justifiable and sustainable enough reasons for religion to survive into the 21st century and beyond?


9 comments on “Podcast debating religion with right wing conservative Irish journalist

  • This was recorded in a restaurant with all manner of distracting background noise. Further both men have strong Irish accents which I often had trouble decoding.

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  • The Muslims and Hindus in India and Pakistan have been at each other’s throats for millennia without a lick of help from atheists. Protestants and Catholics murdered each other in Europe and Britain, again without any influence from atheists. John Waters is dishonestly trying to fob the blame.

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  • Condom effectiveness: http://www.aidsmap.com/Do-condoms-work/page/1746203/
    For every 100 cases of HIV infection that would happen without condom use, about 15 (range: 7 to 24) would happen when condoms are used consistently. This is far from useless, contrary to what Waters claims.

    One piece of good news, is not every failed condom results in infection. It usually takes quite a bit of unprotected sex to get. Africans are more prone than North Americans because of lesions and dry sex/wankie. Circa 2000 I collected stats from all manner of scientific papers and collated them into a table of risk for various sexual acts. One of the problems back then was people had a history of unprotected sex, were HIV-, and so imagined they were magically immune.

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  • 4
    aroundtown says:

    I’m glad you mentioned Africa, the Catholic Church’s influence there has been disastrous when it comes to condoms and contraceptives. The needless suffering could be reduced dramatically but they will not budge.

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  • On the topic of Aids in Uganda:

    Waters view: Uganda “beat Aids” “not by using condoms” but by “Creating a firewall between generations sexually speaking” (Some industrial grade bullshit language right there).

    What actually happened: “Government officials in both Uganda and the United States routinely characterize
    Uganda’s HIV prevention strategy as “ABC,” where A stands for abstinence, B for being
    faithful, and C for condom use.” http://www.hrw.org/sites/default/files/reports/uganda0305.pdf

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  • Northern Ireland is still trying to dig itself put of the dark-ages of theocratic rule as it is dragged into the 21st century.

    A change to Northern Ireland’s abortion law, allowing terminations in fatal foetal abnormality cases, has been recommended by the Justice Department.

    A fatal foetal abnormality diagnosis means doctors believe a baby will die in the womb or shortly after birth.

    Justice Minister David Ford said he will ask the Northern Ireland Executive for approval to introduce legislation, which then requires an Assembly vote.

    .However, he said he will not try to legalise abortion in cases of rape.

    Mr Ford made the announcement following a public consultation on proposed reforms to Northern Ireland’s abortion law, which is different from the rest of the UK.

    At present, women who have become pregnant as the result of rape, or who are told they are carrying a child that is too ill to survive, are not entitled to a legal abortion in Northern Ireland.

    On Thursday, the justice committee heard there was substantial support for limited changes to the law, which should also include a conscience clause in the legislation to allow doctors and nurses to opt out of the termination procedure, but not in the woman’s aftercare.

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  • Just a warning. You want to be careful about what you say about Waters. He took an action against RTE, on paper thin grounds – someone said on air in a discussion programme that he was homophobic – and as it would have been too expensive to defend, they paid him €30 000. It didn’t go down well, as freedom of debate is highly prized in Ireland. At least he no longer writes for the Irish Times; good riddance.

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