Saleh Ibrahim, Converts, #(2231)

Apr 16, 2015

I am a 32 ex-Muslim man from Saudi Arabia, a place where religious freedom is absent. Nobody knows about my shift in beliefs except my elder brother and three Saudi Atheist friends. I try to keep secretive since rejection and death is the expected outcome of my apostasy. I was even very reluctant to tell my brother but I took it gradually with him discussing various topics until I sensed acceptance in his words. To my surprise he was happy only because I reached this decision after a lot of research and not by an external influence. He is very educated and he told me that he did an extensive research too but he reached another conclusion. I am strongly confident he will not hold his beliefs for long.

My journey to truth started four years ago when I was obtaining my master degree in electrical engineering in Montreal Canada. I’ve been always a believer, I guess I never thoroughly thought it through. Until I had a conversation with a Canadian guy who was shocked that an educated man would still believe in religious nonsense. He mentioned the scale of error of the age of earth between science and religion giving the age of dinosaurs fossils as an example among other things . I got very defensive and ended up saying this is my religion and this is what I believe. At that time I was confident about my beliefs and didn’t want anyone to shake them but he implanted a seed inside of me for knowledge and research. I have a strong religious background since most of the curriculum in Saudi Arabia is about religion, even if you chose a scientific major at high school .However, I started watching National Neographic and BBC documentaries about the cosmos and about animals .I stopped practicing and I became kind of on the fence until I got back to Saudi Arabia and that’s when I found some of Richard Dawkins debate videos on YouTube, I watched lots of them repeatedly until I reached certainty and things became clear to me.

Today I am a very happy person. I no longer believe in myths. I no longer worry about burning in hell when I die. I look into the sky with wonder. I feel gratitude for having the chance to live in this planet. I now know it is my only chance and I am going to make the best out of it.

Thank you for giving me a platform to share my story

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  • Why should he even worry about that? He can’t conquer the entire religious establishment of Saudi Arabia and no one is asking him to do that. He has come to some conclusions based on his own analysis of the situation and this is all done in the face of some very tough odds. I give Saleh all credit for having the courage to come this far. It’s not easy. It’s extremely difficult for someone in that environment to find that kind of independence in his thinking and then to carry through with it far enough that he posts a comment here declaring his position. Saleh can do more for his fellow atheists in Saudi by keeping his head down and subtly making it safer for others who think like him in that place. There is no need to risk one’s life. What good does it do? Make a big public spectacle and then get killed by religious fanatics or run to another country to live in exile, and neither of these things helps other atheists at home. Stay alive and help others to know that they’re not alone.

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