I’m Justin Vollmar and I’m Openly Secular

May 26, 2015

The Secular Student Alliance had invited me to make a video about “I’m Openly Secular.” The purpose of this campaign is to remove the stigma of being non-religious in America. But many studies show that 60% of Americans do not attend church regularly. Many people live a secular lifestyle. This is my personal story of how this secular lifestyle has an impact on me. This video is signed in American Sign Language and subtitled in English.

One comment on “I’m Justin Vollmar and I’m Openly Secular”

  • I would like to know what this guy does for a living now. If he is a geologist for example, he cannot very well promiscuously accept whatever crank ideas other have. To get the job done he needs the most accurate model of how rock works. Similarly if he is an engineer. He can’t tolerate rogues who design bridges held up only prayer. If on the other hand he is a counsellor, he might accept each client’s religious beliefs as given, and work with them.

    Complete acceptance of religious beliefs of others is not a virtue:

    do you stand aside while a Muslim father beats his 12 year old son bloody?
    do you stand aside while Sikhs going in a truck to hunt and kill gays?
    do you put up with it when a Christian father lets his daughter die of cancer when prayer did not work.
    do you applaud when Christians bomb abortion clinics and beat up their clients?

    It is interesting that the people most likely to abandon Christianity are those with most knowledge about it.

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