I’m Patrick Green and I’m Openly Secular

May 12, 2015

My name is Patrick Green. I used to be a minister and I am now an agnostic athiest who works for a taxi company. This is a brief video of my story and the story of others.

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  • Surely, when you were a minister, there would have been a long period when you realised you were BSing your flock. That is hardly integrity. Is that what pushed you out?

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  • I appreciate your honesty and courage in making this video. I am openly secular and it was a long journey from Mormonism through New Thought to Secular. It is sometimes a very lonely decision especially living within a very religious community. This happens to be the second closet that I have come out of but I find the drive for authenticity outweighs other choices. Thanks again.


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  • Bravo. It’s always refreshing to hear of someone’s journey where they could no longer stand the falseness and twisted morality of religion, and where their integrity and honesty shone through in the end.

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  • Being a secular for what seems like forever i have never really thought about ‘coming out’, simply because the fact that i am not religious is not on my mind. No different than ‘coming out’ that i did not like the movie the lion king. There has not been a desire for me to tell others that i was secular, except for when religion comes up. I could be wrong but i do not think that many seculars intentionally hide the fact that they do not believe, it is just not a thought process of importance. I would rather talk about one of my hobbies or my friends hobbies instead of religious or not religious. I am also so happy for you that you are now a free thinker and no longer bound to illogical beliefs!!!

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  • I was wondering why my little video was getting so many hits and comments.

    It is a fair question. There are many clergy who are part of a group called The Clergy Project. http://clergyproject.org/ It is a group of active and former clergy who have realized or are in a liminal space beginning to realize they no longer believe in a god. People there may be able to give you better insight of those who are still practicing ministers who have not ‘come out’.

    When I was a minister, and when I was still a Christian, as you would find facts that conflicted with belief, there would often be an answer where you got to maintain your belief. I think it was an Oxford study in 2007 that found there to be 39,700 denominations. So, let’s pretend you are a six day literal creationist and you begin to understand the earth is much older than that. Well, good luck, there are some who have learned the truth of the Bible is that Adam and Eve are analogies and it is merely poetic language. All is well.

    Then later on, you can no longer reconcile the BS regarding anti GLBT sentiments to what you learn about psychology. This is not a choice and they are not abominations. Well, I am in luck. Turns out that there are other interpretations of those six passages and God and Jesus really love them.

    Is it intellectually dishonest? Of course it is. But when you have been raised and immersed your life and even went to college to learn more about this entity who you have believed in all your life, You are a Calvin not willing to admit that your almighty Hobbes is merely a stuffed tiger created my men.

    Did I have doubts toward the end of ministry? Yes. But the doubts were always dealt with my other peers.

    Short answer. I had left ministry prior to atheism being a reality in my world philosophy


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  • Oh wow!


    I cannot imagine what it is to come from Mormonism to a freethinking atheist. You must have a heck of a story. My ex wife does not know what to make of me, but she knows I am a good father so we still co parents well for the most part. My former congregants love to point out how much I have changed, but they are missing how good the changes are. They see this one thing about me and it somehow discounts who I am.

    You have my respect.

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  • You are very correct, Amy. It is not my defining characteristic. In my case it was something I felt necessary to do. My road from former minister to atheist was lonely and emotionally trying. As I came through it all I found there to be others who had been atheists and never bothered to mention it. People right in my area i could have had a beer or a burger with and talked it all out as opposed to seeking out online communities and giving my therapist more money! 🙂

    Thank you for the kind sentiment at the end.

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  • One other thought. Thank you to whomever felt my nervous ramblings were worthy of being featured on this site. I really appreciate what the Richard Dawkins Foundation does, especially the participation in the Openly Secular project.

    As someone poorly trained in science, I also need to say that though it was originally written for a younger audience, “The Magic of Reality” was a great primer in being able to relearn science properly. I think i may have bored my teenager to tears talking about how cool molecules are.

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