Police suspect Al Qaeda ties to death of U.S. blogger in Bangladesh

May 17, 2015

Photo: Avijit Roy / Associated Press

By Mohiuddin Kader

A new Al Qaeda affiliate has claimed responsibility for the killing of a Bangladeshi American blogger, although police say they believe the attack was carried out by homegrown militants who may have links to the international terrorist group.

In a video circulated online, the leader of Al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent said its operatives hacked Avijit Roy to death with a butcher knife in February, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors militant groups online. The secularist blogger was with his wife when he was attacked in a Dhaka street.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police detectives, however, said Monday that they believe a local radical group, the Ansarullah Bangla Team, was behind the blogger’s death, possibly with the help of Al Qaeda training.

Ansarullah Bangla has also claimed responsibility for Roy’s death, using a Twitter account that police have not been able to verify as genuine.

Police spokesman Monirul Islam said investigators are looking into whether Ansarullah Bangla members received training from Al Qaeda.

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11 comments on “Police suspect Al Qaeda ties to death of U.S. blogger in Bangladesh

  • India and Pakistan are such backward countries, I suspect anyone who wants to try to improve conditions there will have to do it from without the countries. I don’t know how much longer even that will be safe.

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  • And Unfortunately there are a significant number of them trying to import that 9th century mentality into Britain / Europe as well! The tacit approval of such religious intolerance from an unknown percentage of Muslims is a significant problem that western governments seem to be unable to grasp!

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  • Well shock… horror! Al qaeda, eh? Who’d a’ thought it?

    There goes the media again, looking for scapegoats; IT DOESN’T MATTER which group claims responsibility
    because the Koran mandates death for “insulting islam”. ANY Muslim could have done it…nothing more than ISLAM 101 in action.

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  • A little investigation on Ansarullah Bangla with help of google translate: here is part of what these people think:

    In the name of Allah, and all praise be to Allah. Peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his Companions, and those who are loyal to them.
    O Victorious Ummah, take up arms, a jihad, and be happy.
    O our precious Ummah, the “An-Nafi ‘support for the Mujahideen all over the bulletin.
    It started its first issue of the Believers Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid Amir ul – may Allah protect him – and this by renewing its bayaa to emphasizing that, with its branches all over al-Qaeda, the soldier, who Victorious he is going to work under the banner of God’s help and support, so that the word of God to be the winner, and that is not governed by the Islamic Shariah, but the authoritarian regime as the regime is prevailing, that the order, but the order is received, the Islamic land Each position can be independent, that is flying the flag of Islam conquered grajani, Kashgar, Bukhara, Samarkand, Kabul, Maanila, jakarata, Baghdad, Damascus, Mecca, Medina, Sana’a, Mogadishu, Cairo, Algeria, keuta and melilla, and the Islamic Victorious campaign is re-launched and taken to liberate and retrieve the stolen Al-Aqsa and Al-Andalus, and taken all the Islamic lands and thus the (Islamic conquests) advancing towards the Caliphate, with the permission of Allah.
    “An-Nafi” The first issue is to begin with a message to the whole world that all the oppressed Muslims, we are with you and we have not forgotten you.
    Your blood is our blood, your wounds are our wounds. Your martyrs, wounded, orphans and widows are our fathers, brothers, and sisters.
    Blood for blood and destruction for destruction.
    Central Africa, Nigeria, Mali, the Sahel countries, Burma, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Kashmir, the Philippines, Chechnya, East Turkistan and every Islamic land occupied and forced to drive the offense, not to be in vain without a price, by the permission of Allah.

    And with the permission of Allah, His strength and help, we are at the service of the puppet governments and their apostate factions and called for jihad against the people ceases to our enemies who do not have assigned our countries.

    God protect the Islamic lions in Chechnya and a half centuries ago, the Russian who has been resistance against the occupation.
    He East Turkistan Islamic lions to protect their religion, honor and dignity have been defending.
    God protect the Islamic lions in Indonesia who are sacrificing their lives for the victory of Islam.
    God protect the Islamic lions of Iraq who are resisting the Safavid government, which is backed by America’s Sunni Muslim blood.
    God protect the Islamic lions of Jihad in the Land of Syria, who are advancing towards Damascus and from there the road to the Prophet peace be upon him.
    God is patient and resistant gayara lions protect the Zionist occupiers of Palestine, despite the fact that they did not stop and murder, imprisonment and torture Mujhe unfading called for Islamic law to continue to have patience.

    He lions in Egyptian Islamic Jihad who protect the secular military crimes and to prevent the American-Zionist collaboration that exists superior to the word of Allah, and to liberate it and return it as a base for Islam and to liberate Jerusalem.

    God protect the Islamic lions in East Africa, who have been waging fierce battles defending the Muslim Ummah in the Horn of Africa. Crusaders and apostate samarabhiyanagulo curamara going broke steadfastness of their stones.

    God protect the Islamic lions in the Arabian Peninsula, where the ambition is revealed and confirmed the faith and wisdom. They are not fazed by the betrayal of American bombing and the secular, but it has increased their steadfastness and resolution, and it has spread and won with the help of God.

    Allah is well-groomed, proud of their Mujahideen Mujahid gotrasamuhake protect children who despise America and its people to resist the regime has sacrificed.

    God protect the Islamic lions in the evening, on the Western front guardian, who would resist the treacherous sarakaraderake Washington and Paris, who manages to sit in a wheelchair and there are those rulers themselves with religion to support their occupation and arrogance of Washington and Paris.

    Unity of Allah and those who defend the Mujahideen, Jihad and advocate of the rule of law. Surely God is on the side of your Ummah, so be its sword and shield to engage; Compassion, tolerance, patience, unity and community, justice and reasoning and became a role model to Shariah.

    God protect the dignity of the Islamic Ummah and the Mujahideen sacrifice their blood to maintain its sanctity.
    O our Muslim Ummah, perhaps the democratic mirage has become clear to you, because it took away the lives of their own religion, and saw the damage has been self-consciously vibrate.

    As the guardian of the Mujahideen who advocate Shariah.
    Made it clear that the Arab spring, the secularist people (Arab spring) and in the hope of establishing the rule of law in any of the Constitution (which is not the law), with the mediation of the movement, the partnership has been stolen.

    Come, O Ummah, the Islamic Da’wa and Jihad, the spring, the spring of liberation and freedom, justice and dignity spring Book that guides and sided with the sword.

    Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.
    Allah’s prayer and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad and his family.

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  • 5
    NearlyNakedApe says:

    The tacit approval of such religious intolerance from an unknown percentage of Muslims is a significant problem that western governments seem to be unable to grasp!

    I’m assuming you are referring to European countries in which Muslims are only a small minority (under 10 million). The tacit approval of religious intolerance is actually well known for countries with a large minority or a majority of Muslims:


    Here’s an excerpt from the intro:

    This report examines the social and political views of Muslims around the world. It is based on
    public opinion surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center between 2008 and 2012 in a
    total of 39 countries and territories on three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. Together, the
    surveys involved more than 38,000 face-to-face interviews in 80-plus languages and dialects,
    covering every country that has more than 10 million Muslims except for a handful (including
    China, India, Saudi Arabia and Syria) where political sensitivities or security concerns
    prevented opinion research among Muslims.

    If you don’t want to read the entire 262 page report, you can read the summary article and scroll down to the section entitled “Penalty for Converting to Another Faith“:


    Unfortunately, there are many PC liberals in the Western world who manage to perform a prodigious mental contortion (and perhaps a good dose of wishful thinking) by describing those figures as the product of bigotry and islamaphobia. This is the logic equivalent of saying that gravity is prejudiced against obese people because it makes them feel heavy and exhausted.

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  • 7
    NearlyNakedApe says:


    The tacit approval of such religious intolerance from an unknown percentage of Muslims is a significant problem that western governments seem to be unable to grasp!

    Agreed, except for the part about the percentage of Muslims who foster religious intolerance being unknown. That percentage is known, (at least in countries where Muslims are the majority or a large minority).

    Source: Pew Research Center poll of 2008-1012.

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  • 8
    Laxmi Kant says:

    This article is about Bangladesh, a country which is undergoing massive political turmoil. How did India and Pakistan come into picture?

    I don’t know about Pakistan but India is quite safe.

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  • There have been 3 atheist bloggers hacked to death in India so far this year.


    Prison planet is not the best source, but I am pretty sure I saw these reported on the CBC.

    There have been assassinations in Pakistan too, as well as Al Qaeda taking responsibility for them.

    Then of course we had the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France, which is getting uncomfortably close to home. Though I sometimes defend Islam when ignorant Christians attack it, I have many unkind things to say about it. Were I saying what I say in a Muslim country, I too would be at risk.

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  • But then you could note bible commands you to kill gays, non-virgin brides, people who cut the grass on Saturday, people who eat lobster… Most sane Christians ignore all this just as most sane Muslims are cool with apostasy.

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  • 11
    ad nauseam says:

    The study really is a mixed bag. If we are just looking at the numbers, it would appear the stereotypes of Muslims in the middle east (and elsewhere) are not accurate.

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