Chaplain violated Army rule in promoting Christian book

Jun 13, 2015

by Tom Vanden Brook

An active-duty Army chaplain with the elite 75th Ranger Regiment has published a book titled “Jesus Was an Airborne Ranger” and appeared in a promotional video in uniform to promote it, raising questions about the service endorsing Christianity as the Pentagon wages wars in Muslim countries.

Chaplain John McDougall recently returned from Afghanistan where he served as chaplain for the 75th Ranger Regiment. He wrote the book, he told the Army in a story published on its website, because “the Jesus of many churches is a weakling — someone our Rangers cannot relate to.”

The video was taken down Thursday by the book’s publisher, said Charlene Guzman, senior publicist for WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. McDougall regrets having appeared in uniform and was not speaking on behalf of the military, she said. He had cleared writing the book with military lawyers but not the video. McDougall, a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, could not be reached immediately for comment.

“It’s a regrettable action and we were happy to take it down,” Guzman said.

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16 comments on “Chaplain violated Army rule in promoting Christian book

  • Well, I guess the ascending into heaven thing made Jesus at least airborne!

    “ Get ready to see Jesus like you’ve never seen him before — a battle-scarred combatant who stared death in the face and won. ”

    Jesus for the warrior generation!

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  • McDougall should face court martial for promoting his book in uniform,
    said Mikey Weinstein, who leads the Military Religious Freedom
    Foundation, a watchdog group. Beyond violating military regulations,
    the video is a propaganda coup for Islamic State militants and other
    religious zealots, he said.

    Here’s my question: what is the army going to DO about it?

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  • The religious just can’t help themselves! Jesus is everywhere, warrior Jesus, piece of toast Jesus, militant Jesus, lamb of god Jesus, pacifist Jesus. It think I’ll write a book called Atheist Jesus. That aught to cause a stir!

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  • Another example of how the religious are always trying to sneak their superstitious bullshit into everything. They just can’t help themselves!

    But you know where it all comes from, don’t you. They are given the false promise of “riches in heaven” for converting people. In other words, they are doing it for themselves – i.e. they are selfish. That’s the whole basis of preaching: me, me , me…. all under the guise of faith being a virtue. Ugh!! Religion really is a poison.

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  • This is not the Sunday School Jesus…

    Makes perfect sense, actually, if J were to ever meet up with the man Thor. Hold on a second, why aren’t there Christian,, cosmological names along with the other myths!?!

    A shout out to atheists in foxholes.

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  • This reminds me of the way various animated cartoon figures were conscripted in WWII to make propaganda films. They used to show them on TV in the 50s, with beaver-tooth “japs”.

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  • When I was in the Navy we were issued dog tags in basic training. We filled out a form that asked for religion. It was multiple choice, and the only only non-religious option was “no preference”. I checked this and was assigned Lutheran. (I am a Catholic raised atheist). Another guy in the company was assigned Baptist. He complained, insisting that his dog tag read atheist. He was severely punished and eventually kicked out. This was in 1975.

    In 2004 I self committed to the VA with a severe depressive episode. I was verbally accosted by a chaplain while there. He actually became very angry that I insisted on being atheist.

    In one of the final scenes in the movie MASH, the chaplain is giving a blessing from a prayer book over the jeep that is to take the protagonists home. That prayer book is reputed to have actually existed in the army and had prayers for blessing various weapons.

    This shit is not new.

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  • Jesus of many churches is a weakling — someone our Rangers cannot
    relate to.

    Yes, by all means, when Jesus of the Bible is just too anti-tribal, too pro-social, to inspire men to kill and feel good about it, then paint Jesus as something he would have abhorred so that they can feel they are pleasing god. When your own independent conscience keeps nagging at you, don’t inquire further. Repress it and go with a narrative fashioned by someone who practically admits that Jesus’ lofty moral and ethical principles are some sort of problem or barrier to the mission. There just aren’t enough ultra-nationalist, military worshiping, tribal, antisocial Christians in the USA to fill the infantry roles! Gott mit uns!

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