Child died from complication from ear infection; parents face criminal charges

Jun 15, 2015

by Doubtful News

Profound ignorance kills children.

An 18 month old child is dead because the parents did not get her medical attention, instead treating her with homeopathy and herbal meds. Ebed S. Delozier, 29, and Christine E. Delozier, 34, both of Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, are charged with involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of children this week after an investigation showed they neglected her illness. When the father brought the sick child to the hospital back in March, it was too late to save her. The coroner’s contact to police prompted an investigation.

Criminal investigators were told by a registered nurse on staff that the victim’s mother, Christine Delozier, and aunt, Rebecca Delozier, arrived at the hospital shortly after the victim. The nurse said that the victim’s parents made it clear they were against antibiotics and other chemicals associated with modern medicine.

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14 comments on “Child died from complication from ear infection; parents face criminal charges

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    aroundtown says:

    Just disgusting. I have this awful vision of these beauties standing graveside for this child with weepy remorse and that really pisses me off. What’s significant is she is not alone as there are many more blithering idiot parents out there these days with that mind set of withholding medical care. Unbelievably we are still mired down with intrenched ignorance that actually kills or maims. I think of those who would withhold polio vaccine from a child thinking they are serving god, what the hell, how can they think that way?

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  • If somebody treats with homeopathy, they have not done that bad a thing. Homeopathic remedies are openly advertised and promoted by pharmacies. They contain no warnings that they are for entertainment value only. The guilty party is the FDA and like bodies for failing to treat them as counterfeits. I can think of no explanation for permitting drugs that pass none of the criteria of other drugs, other than corruption.

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  • The FDA is controlled by Congress, which is controlled by lobbyists. Homeopathic drugs is a multi-billion-dollar industry; when the FDA wanted to regulate them as drugs, the lobby successfully fought to have them regulated as food, which carries much more lenient guidelines. They also successfully fought to have any challenges to their claims go through hoops to have the drug pulled.

    Lobbying is the same reason meat and dairy have so many servings in the Food Pyramid, and why there are no alternative suggestions to replace those nutrients.

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  • We are far too forgiving in terms of please for mitigation. Drink and drugs are voluntary, politics is the means whereby we settle our differences peacefully, and religion is supposed to be a relationship with a (loving?) God. None of these should be used as mitigation, and in my view they aggravate the offence.

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  • If the parents want to live without modern medicine, that’s fine.
    But I bet they never asked the kid if he wanted to live or die!

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  • Not sure I agree. If you are with-holding proper medical care from a child as parents you should do your research, and your research better be A+. The parents should take at least as much responsibility as the FDA. I think the problem is that people genuinely don’t realise what homeopathy is (or probably to be more accurate, what it isn’t). I think most people, even the dumb ones, would struggle to rationalise it if they had the facts. There really needs to be some serious efforts to raise awareness of the stupid ‘science’ behind this.

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    corey.mcdonald.7798 says:

    My mom had the same approach. My brother used to get ear infections all the time, and she would just take him to a homeopath who gave him B vitamin shots imbued with “electrical cancelling energy”. He blew out his ear drum more times than I could count. Glad he survived it (I guess most people do survive ear infections). I remember getting strep throat and begging for antibiotics. She took me to the real doctor, he diagnosed me with strep throat, then she took me to her witch doctor and I got B vitamin shots instead. So, I suffered from strep throat for another week on my own. No lasting damage thankfully, but I heard of someone who lost his kidneys because his strep throat went too long untreated. (it’s somewhat rare, but it can happen)

    People think homeopathy is harmless because the treatments don’t hurt you, but the real damage is that you aren’t getting treated for a real problem. These parents need to be made an example of.

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