‘Choice’ Charade: N.Y. Governor Slams ‘Manhattan Liberals’ For Supporting Church-State Separation In Neo-Voucher Battle

Jun 23, 2015

by Simon Brown

What does rent control in New York City have to do with tax credits that would be used to support religious schools? Quite a bit, at least as far as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is concerned.

In a move that can best be described as desperate, Cuomo initially tied together a piece of legislation that would renew expiring rent control laws with the creation of a new tuition tax credit program.

Even with rent controls, New York City is one expensive place to live. In May, the average rental cost $3,432 per month. That’s up more than $1,000 from July 2009. Clearly, rent control is important to a lot of people. Cuomo is well aware of this, which is why he’s trying to force the passage of his controversial tax credit by affixing it to something a lot more people favor.

As for the tuition tax credits that Cuomo has backed, they are awful from a church-state perspective. Individuals and businesses that donate money to non-profit “scholarship” organizations, which offer tuition assistance for students attending private and religious schools, would receive a tax credit of 75 percent. The maximum credit would be $1 million per individual or business and the program would be capped at $150 million for 2016. That means up to $150 million could flow directly to sectarian schools instead of into state coffers.

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6 comments on “‘Choice’ Charade: N.Y. Governor Slams ‘Manhattan Liberals’ For Supporting Church-State Separation In Neo-Voucher Battle

  • His position is surely “screw the constitution”. Is that not a violation of his oath office or not otherwise illegal.? Attempting to subvert the constitution is being a traitor, no?

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  • Adding riders to bills, is fundamentally undemocratic and an abuse of parliament. It should never be allowed, and in most jurisdictions it is not permitted. It is in fact a technique for blackmailing parliament and subverting the will of the people. It goes far beyond the normal horse-trading which is part and parcel of politics. Whatever the issue, parliaments have a responsibility to the electors and the state to preserve their power and sovereignty.

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  • Mario Cuomo is carving out another chunk of taxpayer cash on behalf of Jimmy Dolan, the Milwaukee Magician who who earned his stripes by making many pedophile priests vanish. Putting this graft onto a housing bill is crass politics at its pompously unapolegetic worst and it sustains backward beliefs shepherded by a Roman organization with massive histories of criminality, cruelty, corruption and charlatanism. The tentacles of Rome should be hacked off, not fed!

    I live in upstate New York. Catholic schools are shutting down, churches too. If the people supported them and believed in them then they would be full like they were fifty years ago. But the people have spoken, the support is minimal. Don’t feed them, Mario, for they’ve already drained this market of billions. Let them sell some of their preposterously massive real estate portfolio, which may find its way back onto the tax rolls.

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  • You lose me on part of this one… I attended parochial schools for both my elementary, jr. high and high school. It wasn’t done because of religion but in San Francisco (the city itself), the best education and environment to learn was found in the private (albeit; religious) schools. I long thought it unfair that my parents (and then parent, when my mom died of cancer when I was 15) were having to shoulder the entire load of the tuition. He should have had the option of some kind of tax credit or subsidy since my family was already paying taxes for public schools that no one in my family (including my younger brother) attended. It was tough for a middle income dad who was also shouldering the bills from my deceased mother’s cancer treatment bills AND trying to do what he saw was the best education choice (which it was if you lived IN the city of San Fran) for his kids.

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  • This is a political move that is so obviously intended to funnel money/power to an already elitist religious sector of America. It is so very vital that a separation of church and state be maintained and reinforced else we will become overrun with religious groups and fanaticism unlike we have not seen for many decades. The separation of state and church so also be reflected in the printed word on our currency as many of us do not subscribe to religion anyway and our money should not reflect the views of any elitist group whether fanatical or not and therefore should not bear the “in god we trust” motto.

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  • 6
    cracker says:

    the only reason the catholic schools were better was (and is) because the catholic church pays no income or property taxes and the schools they run benefit from this.

    i will support school vouchers for private religious schools as soon as churches start paying their fair share of taxes.

    usually i hold the governor in fairly high regard, but in this case cumo is being nothing more than a shill for the religion he was brainwashed into as a child.

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