International groups highlight global persecution of non-religious and religious minorities

Jun 30, 2015

by National Secular Society

Secular human rights organisations have called on the United Nations Human Rights Council to promote “genuine respect for freedom of religion and belief and freedom of expression”.

At the 29th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva, Roy Brown, representing the Centre for Inquiry, called for action to combat persecution, oppression and discrimination against non-believers.

Mr Brown drew specific attention to murder of bloggers in Bangladesh, the arrest and lashing of Raif Badawi and others in Saudi Arabia and the imprisonment of freethinkers in Egypt.

Mr Brown challenged Saudi Arabia, which has a seat on the Human Rights Council, over its “fear of atheism and freethought”.

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4 comments on “International groups highlight global persecution of non-religious and religious minorities

  • @OP link – Mr Brown challenged Saudi Arabia, which has a seat on the Human Rights Council, over its “fear of atheism and freethought”.

    “Saudi Arabia has equated atheism with terrorism, but it isn’t atheist jihadis who are terrorising the world”, he said.

    This is just propagandist “faith-thinking-psychological-projection” – given Saudi’s arming and funding of Sunni terrorists!

    Items like this spell out what a politically manipulated sick joke the United Nations is, when it comes to standing up against abuses committed by rich or powerful countries!

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  • The problem is that we have not been dumbed down by religion so we pose a threat to their beliefs. We know the current state of affairs and we will not be taken for fools. For example we know that Tony “dark ages” Abbott has opened up Australia to all types of Christian type religions as a knee jerk reaction to Islam and because he is a staunch believer in fairytales so we expect a major recruitment drive for al types of cults in the coming months. Unfortunately Australia is seen as a soft target by all cults because of Tony’s stupidity and I believe Australia will be the first country to fall back into the dark ages in the near future.

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  • There has been a good step forward in Iceland with some theist support, but with opposition from the usual suspects!
    Iceland’s parliament has abolished its blasphemy laws, despite opposition from some of the country’s churches.

    A bill was put forward by the minority Pirate Party, which campaigns for internet and data freedom.

    It came after the deadly attack the same month against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

    The bill said it was “essential in a free society that the public can express themselves without fear of punishment”.

    As three members of the Pirate Party stood before parliament on Thursday, each said: “Je Suis Charlie”, an expression used globally to express solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo victims.

    After the ruling, the party wrote on its blog (in Icelandic): “Iceland’s parliament has now established the important message that freedom will not give in to bloody attacks.”

    The blasphemy law had been in place since 1940, and anyone found guilty could have been sentenced to a fine or three months in prison.

    The Iceland Monitor website said that the Church of Iceland supported the change, and quoted them as saying that “any legislative powers limiting freedom of expression in this way is at variance with modern-day attitudes towards human rights”.

    The Catholic Church of Iceland, the Pentecostal Church and the Church of Iceland’s eastern province opposed the changes.

    The Catholic Church wrote in comments submitted after the bill was proposed: “Should freedom of expression go so far as to mean that the identity of a person of faith can be freely insulted, then personal freedom – as individuals or groups – is undermined.”

    The Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association said that the new law included provisions to ensure that people could still be prosecuted for hate speech.

    I don’t think there is a connection between the “Pirate Party” and the FSM – but peace be upon His Noodly Appendages anyway!

    (It looks like those Icelandic elves are to be left unprotected, while the god-deluded will just have to put up with being identified as god-deluded and rant about being “insulted” by objective observations!!)

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  • For those who are religious and believe in absurdities, it is absolutely correct that any other way of thinking is terribly wrong. So they will use any means to cram their beliefs down everyone’s throats, even if it means stoning a person to death or using nuclear bombs on the infidels.

    If anyone says that Muslims are violent, behead them!

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