‘Our country could become like Afghanistan’: Bangladesh’s bloggers are living in fear

Jun 23, 2015

by David Bergman

The Bangladeshi blogger who goes by the name of Euklid fears, unsurprisingly, for his safety. But in the face of a spree of attacks on his online colleagues, what frightens him even more is the future of his country, he says. “The government should act quickly and neutralize these militant groups, otherwise Bangladesh could become like Afghanistan or Iraq.”

Euklid, a 24-year-old engineering student who describes himself as an “atheist” blogger, was speaking a week after the murder of his fellow writer Ananta Bijoy Das in Bangladesh’s northern city of Sylhet, which has brought to three the number of secular citizen journalists hacked to death in the last three months. A fourth blogger was also killed in similar circumstances just over two years ago.

On Monday, Unesco director-general Irina Bokova condemned the murder of Das, and called on the Bangladesh authorities to bring those responsible to justice.

Expressing fear for safety of citizen journalists in Bangladesh, Bokova added: “Punishing such attacks is indispensable to maintain free public debate and free expression by media professionals and committed citizens alike.”

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7 comments on “‘Our country could become like Afghanistan’: Bangladesh’s bloggers are living in fear

  • I always thought Pakistan was a worse place to live than Afghanistan because of the overpopulation, the threat of nuclear war, the floods and the religious zealots. It is the country I would least like to visit.

    There was a famous person who wrote that he felt Ireland would be forever hopeless. He turned out to be completely wrong. It would be nice to be proved wrong about my dim view of Pakistan.

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  • 2
    Muhammad Shahriar says:

    It is David Bergman. Who is the defender and spoke person of “Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami”- the extremest right wing Islamic political party known for the betraying of the country, massacre. The political party is known for attack on Hindus and prominent figure who speak for secularism.

    As a secular person from #Bangladesh I oppose this kind of farce. It is not he is telling lie. But he can’t speak for secular people of Bangladesh. He was found guilty of contempt by a Bangladeshi court for questioning the 1971 war’s official death toll count, which was intentional partiality for the Jihadists. Every Bangladeshi knows that.

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  • It seems it is not the only country to head in that direction!


    A man has been decapitated and several others injured at a factory in France in what President Francois Hollande has called a terrorist attack.

    Two men drove into the Air Products gas factory near Lyon, officials said, before several explosions were heard.

    The site belongs to Air Products, a US-based firm

    One of the suspects, who was investigated by police in 2006, has been arrested.

    The dead man was found with Arabic inscriptions on him and an Islamist flag was found near the site.

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  • I wonder how western cities and Xtian churches would take to this noise problem?

    Indonesia seeks to quieten noisy mosques during Ramadan
    Indonesia has set up a team to investigate complaints that its mosques are too noisy.

    Hussein Abdullah, vice president of the country’s mosque council, told the BBC the team gathered samples of noise from places of worship in about 10 cities.

    They found loudspeaker volumes set too high, the call to prayer broadcast at different times and sermons at hours there shouldn’t be any, he said.

    There are approximately 800,000 mosques in the country.

    They become particularly active during the holy month of Ramadan, which began in mid-June.

    Mr Abdullah said part of the problem was that mosques were competing with one another at such loud volumes that “Muslims couldn’t focus on what was being broadcast”.

    He said the authorities would appeal to mosques to ensure they were only heard in their immediate area and not beyond.

    “They should agree on the time and duration. Say for the morning there’s a prayer for 5 to 7 minutes, then the call to prayer. That’s enough. Don’t broadcast a prayer loudly from 4 o’clock in the morning,” he said.

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  • Agree with Muhammad Shahriar. I’m shocked by seeing that Richard Dawkins site publishes article of Bergman. These types of Journalists serve the purpose of fundamentalism and use the word “humanity.” Bergman supports the Islamic leaders of Bangladesh who are punished for war criminal and most widely known as fundamentalists who use benefit of religion to attack minorities. Affection & love for human is called humanity, but love for only Muslims called “Musalmanity.” Bergman is a “Musalmanitrian.” He married to the daughter of Dr. Kamal Hossain. Nowadaws Dr. Kamal is also serving the purposes of fundamentalists party Zamaat-E-Islam. May be the news is true, but a writing of a fundamentalism serving people doesn’t convenient with a secular site like this. I’ve created account on this site only for saying this.

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  • Ahsan
    Jun 28, 2015 at 4:43 am

    Agree with Muhammad Shahriar. I’m shocked by seeing that Richard Dawkins site publishes article of Bergman.

    This site does not only publish articles which people here agree with.

    Fundamentalist stuff from right-wing, Christian, Young Earth, Islamic groups etc. is put here for discussion, criticism, and analysis, – not because the site promotes their viewpoints.

    It invites informed comments and criticism from those such as yourself in discussion of these articles.

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  • I accept completely the quotation of Voltaire by Richard Dawkins that:

    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit

    Dawkins goes on to say that:

    The teachings of ‘moderate religions, though not extremists in
    themselves, are an open invitation to extremism.

    These statements in my thinking are very correct for all religions because of FAITH in any thing a religious leader tells people.

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