Brownback Order Infringes On Personal Freedom And Fosters Discrimination, Says Americans United

Jul 14, 2015

by Americans United

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback today issued executive order 15-05, which purports to prohibit the state from discriminating against religious organizations that hold “the belief or moral conviction that marriage is or should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman.” What the order really does is sanction government-funded discrimination, says Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

The order is being portrayed as a measure designed to protect houses of worship from being compelled to participate in same-sex marriages. But as Americans United points out, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution already guarantees churches the right to offer religious sacraments only to the couples of their choosing.

The real purpose of the directive, Americans United asserts, is to allow religious organizations to discriminate against LGBT citizens and others – even when those groups are receiving taxpayer funding. For example, it will permit blatant discrimination against LGBT people by religious foster care agencies, homeless shelters, food pantries and other social service entities.

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3 comments on “Brownback Order Infringes On Personal Freedom And Fosters Discrimination, Says Americans United

  • Can’t see a problem myself. The church is openly telling certain couples to “Fuck off”. Maybe I’m naive, but I would think that that would have a corrosive negative effect on membership. Look “Gay people” you are not going to get into heaven and there probably is no Hell so, get on with enjoying your life in the spirit that your collective name suggested before you adopted it

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  • Catholic churches have never married people from other churches. I can hardly see that changing. So surely they have the right to refuse to marry gay people. The issue might be gay catholics.

    I get the impression that either the homophobes truly think the supreme court gay marriage applied to churches or they are pretending it does to rile up the homophobic base.

    There is the first amendment. Governments can’t make laws telling churches what to do. Churches are determined to die by becoming obsolete and irrelevant. The government is not allowed to help them.

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  • I can’t see why any rational person would need a church to approve their marriage or any other partnership.
    Businesses don’t seen to need the blessing of clergy to form partnerships!

    The only issue, seems to be placating the bigots in the form of relatives and acquaintances, who wish to lever partners and children into their religious meme-groups.

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