Edi Alidini, Converts

Jul 7, 2015

My father was working in Belgrade(capitol of Serbia), as a physical worker.
My mom was housewife.
Their parents have lived  in Gora.
When i was supposed to be born, mom had to go to her parents in Dragas , since my father was busy with job.
And my mom could not have a good care in Belgrade.  So i was  born in Dragas.
My aunt(my father`s sister) gave me name Edi(Eddie).
That was one of first modern names in that society.
After few months , mom came back to Belgrade with me.
And i started life there.
I was skinny kid and very problematic , i have not eat at all, they thought i will die.
They took me to the hospital, i spent there 4 months and was still skinny .
One day mom decided to take me home at own risk , she could not endure to see me there.
She signed papers and took me home. I was recovered slowly after 3 months , started to eat and gain weight normaly.
I began to speak when I was 1, they said.
My memory is very good i can even remember things when i was 2.
Remember when i stuck my little leg into big truck toy, and i couldn’t  pull out.
Then my father had to cut a toy in half to release my leg.
With 3 years i could write ,count numbers ,paint ,  i knew names of whole football team Red Star 1991. when they were champions  in Europe.
My inteligence was much above average of kids my age.
In may 1991 also my sister was born.
Didn’t like her at beginning she was so ugly 🙂 . But later i started to love her.
She was actually best gift from my parents. Her name is Sanela , also muslim name.
She was totally good baby,  she grew up normaly without any problems with health.
We were always together, i was helping her in school sometimes.
Our parents didn’t have enough time, to help us with school problems. They both worked on market place in that time.
I was older, and all responsibility  was on me.
So i had to grow up faster, maybe i was kid but my brain had to be older.
Parents were not taught us about our Muslim tradition, because we lived in a Christian environment.

I had one “true” friend, his name was Sava and he was orthodox christian.
We are hung out of a small age.
He was my best friend, we were in the same class in school.
When i  was first grade, the teacher asked me , what i’m by religion.
Didn’t know the answer, i said that i will ask my mom first.
The whole class laughed at me.
Later when i came home , i asked mom what are we by religion.
She said we are muslims , we belive in Allah. I said ok.
Then when i went to school, i said quietly to my teacher that im  muslim.
And teacher told me not to worry , but the reality was different.
That kids knew that im muslim, and their parents were teaching them to hate muslims .
Also parents of my best friend were teach him to hate muslims, his parents extremely hated them. Sava liked to hanging  with me, when he was young.
How the years passed he started secretly to accept hate from his parents, and sometimes i had to feel that.
Sometime when i do some work better that him , i felt how his parents were jealous,
and they punish him to stay at home , to not go out with me.
You can feel the jealousy in the air, in their eyes , and i was just a kid.
That’s how they make differences between people.
I didn’t like that, i was never evaluate people by skin color, their religion or by names.

We all have the same blood color.
With the classes we visited many monasteries and churches on school trips.
I had to do the same as other children in their holy places, even if i was not christian, and they know that i’m like black sheep.
Didn’t want to make some difference between us , although I knew they watch me in different way.
I was so disapointed like a kid , who’s still learning  about life .
Was always wondering why is this like this.
Why there must be difference , when we all look like each others.
Since then i started to learn about different religions in the world, about history of mankind.
But i was still too young to figure out how that work.
When i grew up a little , i was about 11 years old, in march 24. 1999. NATO started to bomb my ex country Yugoslavia. We didn’t go to school, and i had a lot of time to learn what i want.
I began to think about that religions and understand what I was taught these years.
Was wondering how can be so many people in the world and so many different religions .
If there is a god , why the story in the holy books is not the same, but different.
I had finished primary school and after that finished electrotechnical high school. Made 1 year break after high school, that year i spent on working with my  parents in market place.
Also i was helping them with work every weekend when i was free from school, since i was 14 .

After that break i have finished college for computers. My professional title is : Engineer of electrical and computer engineering-bachelor.
I had to finish that school because my parents told me when i was 16 , that i had to know some job for my future employment and i was too young  to know what i really want to work.

It’s been 2 years since I graduated from college , in Serbia i still cant find job.
This is the state where smart people can not succeed, many have gone, many will go, i’m still trying but it’s hard.

My big minus too is that , for them i’m Muslim, although I do not feel like that.
I’m not drinking alcohol,not smoking , not because im muslim ,but because i love healthy life.

I can only thanks to Serbia for free time they gave me after graduation, without job, i could learn what i want  in meanwhile.
My mind was with history of mankind.

Was always thinking about my learning in religions and  people.

Then i was interested to know all stories , to compare them.

I first read the bible , the orthodox bible, and the catholic bible, found some differences between them, some events are not the same, differences in the birth of Jesus, catholics celebrate 25thdecember , orthodox christians  7th January next year so difference is 13 days , because they have 2  different calendar counting. That was not logical for me. Who is right?
New age started to count from 0 from Jesus birth. Now is 2015 year from then. World calendar used this calculation of time. Most of you know the stories from the Bible, so I’m not going to retell them .
There were many stories told illogical.

Next i started to read muslim books , they have some similar names, and events like christians but totaly different story.And Islam was youngest religion which was invented in the 7th century, 622 years after Jesus born , in country close to Christian beginnings . So if something is invented , probably is created by human? Right?
Saudi arabia is close to Israel where the modern monoteistic  religion started.  And that is why they have some common events. At that time they were able to prescribe something from bible , they were close enough. Distance from Jerusalem and Mecca was about 1250 km. And they could transfer informations. Muhamed was born 570. As a kid he was poor, when he grew up he met a rich widow, and get married with her. So when he got fortune ,he didn’t need to work anymore. He had alot of time to think. After few years he invented Islam in the cave where he meditated. Islam began of moving Muhamed from Mecca to Medina. He died 632. as 60 year old man, also he couldn’t have kids, because he was just an ordinary human being. In Islam there are 2 kind of believers sunnis and shiites. Sunnis are about 90% Shiites about 10% of muslims. They also fight each other.

Hinduism is an ancient Asian religion whose origins date from the 16th to the 15th century BC, and its development has started in India, where it is still the main religion. The Indians, however, prefer to speak of the eternal teachings and the law, because the emphasis is on lifestyle rather than ways of thinking.

Buddhism is a philosophy arose in northeastern India about 527 years before Christ. The founder of Buddhism was Siddhartha Gautama, by whose spiritual title, Buddha (awake, awakened), this teaching is named.

The goal of Buddhism is to achieve enlightenment, or, more precisely, of revival.The revival can be determined as the realizing of truth behind the phenomenal side of the phenomenon, abandonment and overcoming of anger, desire and ignorance, and of liberation from suffering, overall, the states of bliss and inner peace.

The origins of Judaism lie in the Bronze Age polytheistic Ancient Semitic religions specifically Canaanite religion, a syncretization with elements of Babylonian religion and of the worship of Yahweh reflected in the early prophetic books of the Hebrew Bible. During the Babylonian captivity of the 6th and 5th centuries BCE, certain circles within the exiled Judahites in Babylon redefined pre-existing ideas about monotheism, election, divine law and Covenant into a theology which came to dominate the former Judah in the following centuries.
Judaism is an ancient monotheistic religion , with the Torah as its foundational text (part of the larger text known as the Tanakh or Hebrew Bible), and supplemental oral tradition represented by later texts such as the Midrash and the Talmud. Judaism is considered by religious Jews to be the expression of the covenantal relationship that God established with the Children of Israel.
And when u compare those 5 big religions : Judaism,Christians , Muslims  with Hinduism and Buddhism. There is a huge difference between them in stories. You know why ?
Because they are invented  in different locations and in different ages with long distances. At that  time the information was not able to travel quickly. They did not have the technology.
Also my opinion is that religion was good at that early period of time, they were mostly savages, so they get calm , when they were afraid of someone in the sky J who can punish them if they do bad things to each other.
Like a kids , you must fear them when they are little and rebellious , to be good.

There are so many ancient religions , some of them are forgotten : Taoism, Confucianism , Shamanism etc.
Also there are many mythologies like polytheistic religions(believes in many gods) :

Greek mythology gods and half gods :  Cronus , Zeus , Titans, Cyclops, Athena, Hermes, Apollo,Aphrodite,Ares,Hades,Dionysus,Helios,Prometheus,  Hercules  etc.

Roman mythology gods : Cupid ,Diana, Fortuna,Juno,Jupiter,Mars,Mercury,Minerva,Venus,Saturn,Vulcan …

Norse mythology  or Scandinavian mythology gods  :Thor ,Loki,Odin  ,Frey, Heimdallr, Njörðr etc.

Egyptian mythology gods : Nu , Ra , Amon, Amon-Ra, Amunet, Mut, Khonsu, Khepri, Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Hathor,Osiris,Anubis,Horus etc.

The oldest known civilization was Sumerian 5000 B.C
The Sumerian religion influenced Mesopotamian mythology as a whole, surviving in the mythologies and religions of the Hurrians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Assyrians, and other culture groups.

There were also another believers in ancient world they believed in  “Fire” , “Water”, “Sky” , “Earth” and other natural phenomenons.
Primitive people, without knowledge ,without technology.
When they cannot explain something , they say that it is God’s will. That is like that because god wanted to be like that.
Very primitive thinking.
Everything can be explained with science nowadays.

Different nations , different ages ,different places , different stories.

For example , if you have some humans isolated from rest of the world like ancient natives , they can not know anything  about any religion,they can not know anything about any language, any technology,any event in history, any existence of other humans … They will only know about what they told their ancestors, their parents and nothing else.

So when I studied all these religions, i had conclusion. GOD does not exist !
People invented him !

With that conclusion , i decided to learn how really everything  began.

Many thanks to my parents, who made this story possible.

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