Giovana, Converts

Jul 20, 2015

My name is Giovana, I’m 16 and I live in a country which you passed recently, Brazil. I could not go at the event ” Frontiers of thought ” because it is an event that goes beyond my financial conditions. I will not speak much blah blah blah for not bored you, I intend to be very brief (my English is not the last wonder of the world too, but come on). When I was 12 I read your book ‘The Selfish Gene’ ‘and it changed my life completely. I come from a family of spiritualists, but nothing too radical. I do not have faith, just like you. My family was difficult to accept at first (I’m also gay, so imagine my situation). I wanted to say that you helped me open doors, to go through difficult situations (alone, not holding on to something), find my true place on earth: in science. Not finished high school yet (I’m in the second year) but I found the true meaning for my life, turn scientist. I intend to do biomedical sciences and become a geneticist day, I have many plans in the area! I read almost all his books already (lack his new that launched recently) and I hope that one day (lasting dream) know you personally. I wanted to be brief, but it’s hard. It’s like if you had 0.00001% chance of communicating with his idol around the world but is so much to talk (much). Wow, you to me is one of the greatest geniuses who have been here, putting the list together with Darwin (could not miss), Newton, Einstein, Hawking .. Well, I do not know if you will read it here, but know that I am a big fan … and thank you for existing, seriously <3

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