Papal visit: Thousands protest against Pope in London

Jul 28, 2015

by BBC

Thousands have marched in London to protest against the Pope’s visit.

Organisers of the Protest the Pope event said they wanted to highlight his stance on controversial subjects, including the ordination of women.

Sex abuse and Catholic opposition to contraception have also been criticised.

Organisers of the protest say 20,000 people took part in the rally; however, police say they are unable to confirm this figure.

The march proceeded from Hyde Park Corner through central London to Whitehall where a rally was held with speakers including gay rights activist Peter Tatchell.

The event took place as Catholics gathered in Hyde Park for an evening prayer vigil led by the Pope.

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7 comments on “Papal visit: Thousands protest against Pope in London

  • I thought that the correct pronunciation was “Boner” and not “Bayner”…
    I think this pope has changed their business plan as most educated youth are not interested in superstitious nonsense – so show them how concerned the church is about the planet..

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  • Meanwhile – if somewhat belatedly:-

    Roman Catholic Church in Scotland issues apology for child abuse

    But only after the McLellan Inquiry said: “The Bishops’ Conference of Scotland should make “An apology that must be made in a way that is unmistakeable and unequivocal.

    The Roman Catholic Church in Scotland has issued a “profound apology” to victims of child abuse.

    Archbishop Philip Tartaglia said Scottish bishops were “shamed and pained” by the suffering of those who had been harmed.

    His apology followed the publication of a report from the McLellan Commission, which was set up to investigate abuse.

    It called on the church to make an “unmistakeable and unequivocal” apology and “heal the hurt” of victims.

    In response, Archbishop Tartaglia said: “As the president of the Bishops’ Conference, and on behalf of all the bishops of Scotland, I want to offer a profound apology to all those who have been harmed and who have suffered in any way as a result of actions by anyone within the Catholic Church.

    “Child abuse is a horrific crime. That this abuse should have been carried out within the church, and by priests and religious, takes that abuse to another level.

    Alan Draper, a parliamentary liaison officer for INCAS, which supports survivors of in-care abuse, told BBC Radio Scotland’s John Beattie programme: “What the report does in devastating fashion is basically say what the Catholic Church has been doing is absolutely dire.

    “There has been a lack of support to victims.

    Mr Draper added: “There is a lack of consistency. Justice has not been done, justice has been denied.

    “It is an absolute catalogue of failing.”

    “What survivors are looking for is not particularly reparation, although that is part of it, but repairing the damage,” he added.

    Andy Lavery is an abuse survivor who represents White Flower Alba, a survivor’s advocacy group.

    He told BBC Radio Scotland: “An apology does not cut any ice with me, it does not cut any ice with the families of all the lads I went to school with, or never even knew at school, who committed suicide through the trauma of their endurance at that awful school and that is just one Catholic school.

    “I find the summary repugnant to me as a survivor. It does not cut any ice and I just totally disavow it.”

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  • One of those “foot-in-mouth” moments!
    Pope holds Falklands sign urging Argentine-UK talks
    The man who handed over the sign says the Pope was well aware of the message

    Pope Francis has been photographed in the Vatican holding a sign calling for Argentine-UK talks about the Falkland Islands, called Malvinas in Argentina.

    The pontiff is from Argentina. He received the sign from Gustavo Hoyo, leader of a campaign for dialogue on the islands, during a papal audience.

    A senior Vatican official told the BBC that Pope Francis “did not know and did not realise what was written on it”.

    Right!!! He’s from Argentina and can’t read Spanish signs! (allegedly)

    Vatican official Ciro Benedittini said that “during the general audience many people hand the Pope different items”. He said the Pope was unaware of the message on the sign, “so there is no endorsement of what was written”.

    However, Mr Hoyo told Argentina’s Clarin newspaper that “when he (the Pope) passed by, I explained what this was about and he kindly took the placard and got the picture taken.

    “He could have chosen not to do it, but he did.”

    The Vatican now finds itself in an awkward position. It allowed the campaigners to meet the Pope – with a possible idea of what they might want. But it also insists that the Pope didn’t know what was written on the placard, and is not endorsing the campaigners’ cause.

    That’s the thing about trying to sympathetically face in all directions to curry favour and support from assorted audiences! It brings the self-contradictions and denials to the fore when you get caught on the record!!

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