Secular student activists gather at the Union for national conference

Jul 21, 2015

by Michael Huson

Faisal Saeed Al Mutar lost his brother, his cousin and his best friend to al-Qaida militant forces.

As an Iraqi, he saw violence in his country. He saw religious leaders compete for positions in the government. He saw religious laws put into policy. And, during the buildup to the 2005 Iraqi election, he saw an opportunity to speak out against religious theocracy in his country.

Al Mutar became a secular activist.

“What’s it like being an atheist in the Middle East? It’s like being the only sober person in a car filled with drunk people and not being allowed to drive,” he said to a group at Ohio State. “So, I hope you join me in the fight. And may science and reason bless the United States of America.”

Al Mutar spoke at OSU on Saturday about unifying global secular activism during the annual Secular Student Alliance Conference, which aimed to join together groups of secular students and train student activists.

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