The God Delusion (Bengali Translation)

Jul 27, 2015

Richard Dawkins received the following letter from Kazi Hassan of Toronto who took the initiative to translate The God Delusion into Bengali.
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Upon reception of the letter, Richard emailed Kazi which resulted in the following exchange:

“Dear Kazi Mahboob Hassan

Thank you very much indeed for your translation of The God Delusion. Of course I can’t read it but I can see that it is a beautifully produced volume – showing, I suspect, the same artistic flair as the lovely drawing that you also sent me.

I certainly do not mind your having published it without permission. I am delighted that you are making the book available to readers in Bangladesh. Would I be right in assuming that your translation will also make the book available to the very large reading population in West Bengal, including Calcutta?

Also, I am happy to accept no royalty payments. If the book makes money for your enterprise, I would be pleased to see it go towards financing your suggestion to publish my other books in translation.I have 1.2 million Twitter followers, and would like to mention the book to them. Would you like me to do that? Also, if you don’t object, I would like to mention it on Please let me know if both these courses of action are OK with you.

With my very best wishes

Richard Dawkins”

“Dear Sir

Thank you sir so very much. I am really grateful for your inspiring email.
It would be wonderful.. if you can mentioned the book in your site and twitter.
Surely It will change many things. I really couldn’t find any good words to express my sincere gratitude.

Yes, it is also for Calcutta and all the Bengali speaking people of the world, but I don’t know any publishers in West Bengal who would like to keep the book in their store.
I have send copies to some individuals by mail so far.

It is my life’s goal is to translate all of your books in Bengali.
You have changed my life and I want to change the life of someone like me still looking for answers in my country.

I will accept any advise and suggestions from you.


Kazi M. Hassan”



If you are interested in buying a copy of this translation you may do so by contacting Kazi Hassan directly at or call Shofiq Rahman +880193991930.

27 comments on “The God Delusion (Bengali Translation)

  • Dear Kazi Mahboob Hassan,

    You are a culture warrior and a hero to rational thinkers everywhere. Please stay safe. You are doing a good thing but others will be frightened and will react badly. Remember that we support your hard work.


  • Dear Sir Richard Dawkins
    Please accept our deepest gratitude for giving us the permission and by sharing the news with your followers
    you have inspired us a great deal. Thank you and we wish a healthy and wonderful life.
    Asma Sultana

  • The courage on display earns my respect. To go to this length to publish a book in such a hostile environment is above an beyond the call of duty. If this was a military matter, medals would be issued.

    The Pen is truly mightier than the sword.

  • Next- the eBook version?

    What a magnificent achievement!
    TGD in Arabic? THAT would be most wondrous.
    My neighbour in Turkey had the [obviously Turkish] translation,
    with the same ‘sunburst’ cover. Did he believe it?
    “Yes, of course!”

  • It stuns me to see that there are people so courageous to challenge such a system of “think oppression”. My hope is that the diffusion of these books and the ideas they report will enlighten as much people as possible. Good luck!

  • Thanks, Alan

    The pdf was downloaded ten million times, with 30 percent going to Saudi Arabia.

    How embarrassing- I commented on this in Nov 2014 and had completely forgotten about it. D’OH!! Damn this Alzheimers…

  • Dear Kazi,

    I would just like to say how much I admire your courage and commitment. This is a wonderful thing you’ve done!

    Might I suggest using Kickstarter to fund your future products? I for one would invest, knowing I’d be helping to make the world a better place and I’m sure many others would also find money to help if Richard pointed us in the right direction.

    Please be assured you carry out best wishes with you at all times.

    My very highest regards,

  • Richard,
    Do we see a Hindi and an Urdu translation in the near future? With Bengali, Hindi, and Urdu, you would have covered about 20% of the planets population, if not more!

  • 17
    Michael says:

    Kazi and Richard, A touching and inspirational exchange. Medals and champagne for both of you.

  • Thank you very much
    Yes.. great suggestion! But I have to get familiar with Kickstarter first :)..

  • David
    Aug 2, 2015 at 3:45 am

    HI, I am new to this website. I am trying to think about evolution going way back to the beginning. How do you explain the beginning when there is nothing but nothing and then what happened?

    If you are talking about the universe, Google –

    If you are talking about the origins of life, geneticists have done many experiments which show how it could have evolved through ABIOGENESIS from pre-biotic chemistry.

    This has been CONFIRMED in Dr. Jack Szostak’s LAB. 2009 Nobel Laurette in medicine for his work on telomerase.

    God-did-it by magic, is not a credible explanation.

  • Kazi and Asma, I’d like to hear your views on what’s going on in Bangladesh. It seems that the situation is getting worse, and that the atheist / secular / humanist community is more and more isolated and targeted.

    I’m at a loss at what can be done to improve the situation, from an outsider perspective.

    Be safe, all of you.

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