Bangladesh blogger Niloy Neel hacked to death in Dhaka

Aug 7, 2015


A Bangladeshi blogger known for his atheist views has been hacked to death by a gang armed with machetes in the capital Dhaka, police say.

Niloy Neel was attacked at his home in the city’s Goran area.

He is the fourth secularist blogger to have been killed this year by suspected Islamist militants in Bangladesh.

Imran H Sarkar, head of the Bangladesh Blogger and Activist Network, told the BBC that Mr Neel had been an anti-extremist voice of reason.

“He was the voice against fundamentalism and extremism and was even a voice for minority rights – especially women’s rights and the rights of indigenous people,” he said.

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23 comments on “Bangladesh blogger Niloy Neel hacked to death in Dhaka

  • Apparently it’s the Hindu atheists they’re after.
    Another 80 remain scheduled to be butchered in due course.

    Is it possible that some of those about to be butchered have contributed to the RD-net blog over the years?

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  • The Freedom of Thought Report by the IHEU gives a summary for each country including lists of individual cases involving discrimination or violence against non-believers. The 2014 report can be downloaded here.

    Bangladesh has the rating “Grave Violations”.

    US has the rating “Mostly Satisfactory” however the UK has the rating “Systemic Discrimination” with the report noting:

    “This country is found to be in flux. Religion has little unwanted influence over most people in daily life, and the number identifying as non-religious in the most recent census has increased dramatically; however some education reforms in the past few years including in 2014 have increased the influence of religion in schools and removed secular options from some courses.”

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  • 9
    Miserablegit says:

    Yet again the great religion of peace seems to be struggling to live up to its reputation as it drowns in the blood of non believers”

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  • 10
    NearlyNakedApe says:

    That’s just awful. The thing that always strikes me about these religion motivated killings is the extreme level of savagery and brutality of those murders. The theme always revolve around either decapitation (Lee Rigby and the ISIS propaganda videos) or hacking (Indonesia, Bangladesh) or burning (ISIS videos). The executions are always performed in a cruel and sadistic way as to inflict the maximum amount of suffering in their victims.

    Acts of this sort are just incredibly disturbing. It’s like the Islamic version of the Inquisition but performed by mobs of believers indoctrinated by the clergy instead of solely by the clergy itself. It’s way more destructive and can very easily spin out of control.

    Islam is so badly in need of reform. Secularism is no longer a luxury, it’s a must if Muslim countries are to survive the onslaught of this religious madness. People like Avijit Roy and Niloy Neel are the true reformers and they gave their life for the cause. How many will have to die before the Western PC commentators realize and openly admit what’s really going on in the Muslim world?

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  • Appalling.

    These atrocities make me think that the perpetrators are profoundly insecure; why?

    With the almighty leading them I would have thought that humility, humanity and love would have been the outcome.

    The waves of migrants fleeing the Middle East speaks volumes, and yet the European authorities never address the fundamental cause of the tragedy: theocratic sectarianism; why?

    That monstrous beast is raising its vile head again in the North of Ireland, and yet we are suffering the re-introduction of faith schools in the UK; it’s madness!

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  • Christianity didn’t need the mob to do its work during the inquisition. It was, and still is, a well oiled machine, which doesn’t need a dirty mob to get its job done. The same cannot be said for the fragmented Islamic world.

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  • Should the American people with strange names worry about a presumptive trigger connected to light up in Bangladesh? How could we permit a barbaric pray to run the technically sophisticated systems that allows them to break, to abuse and fervently exploit for their personal goals lived out after their body departs from the planet to elsewhere? And, what about the people who pursue normalcy in their lives or atleast try –one that proceeds with questions that seek truth and with a want to ensure scientific integrity while living all of it without the scare of an all-male religiously-ethical mob situation?

    Although it should be a grave concern for the Americans whose computers can be so easily tapped and plugged into-that is also through “troubleshooting” from the “unknown” places around the globe, the Americans have not shown a meaningful drive toward their American-community whose alertness is necessary to help clamp the lid on any monstrous-type religious-rites…TBC.

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  • America, blah, blah, blah.

    This thread is about people murdered for expressing unpopular opinions. It has comments from people living in the UK, Australia, the US, and elsewhere. The source of the story is the BBC.

    But let’s talk bout merica -makes sense.

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  • I am sorry I have had to give up trying to read this page due to a pop up saying follow this flame, or similar, which has made it impossible to concentrate on reading the above comments.

    I can only hope that someone in the organization will do something about it and get rid of it.

    I really cannot think about what I am trying to read. It is ruining the website.

    I will look in from time to time to see if they have removed it.

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  • In the Mideast (somewhere in Iraq) , it is OK to rape even children! The Press Democrat, it is reported that it is completely legal to rape a female if she is of the wrong religion. What could happen when we have “freedom” of religion! The girl raped was 12 years old.

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  • There are three pillars of grief, poverty, and misery: 1. religion, 2. ignorance, and 3. overpopulation. That is the reason for all the immigration from the mideast.

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  • Religion is a gravy train for most of the fanatics and their faiths have deep, deep pockets so they will protect it at any cost, by any means.

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  • Three people have been arrested, so it looks like the details are coming to light.

    Police in Bangladesh have arrested three people, including a UK citizen, over the murders of secularist bloggers Avijit Roy and Ananta Bijoy Das.

    Both were hacked to death earlier this year. Police say British-Bangladeshi Touhidur Rahman planned the killings.

    Mr Rahman, an IT expert, is said to have links with a banned militant outfit, Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT).

    Police say his arrest will provide evidence about a total of four killings of secular bloggers this year.

    The Bangladesh Daily Star reported that Touhidur Rahman was also the alleged financier of ABT.

    He and two others were detained last night in the Dhanmondi and Nilkhet areas of Dhaka.

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