Effects of spinach extract on satiety: Feel full, curb cravings

Aug 3, 2015

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By Taylor & Francis

A new study found in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition examines how consuming the concentrated extract of thylakoids found in spinach can reduce hunger and cravings. Thylakoids encourage the release of satiety hormones, which is very beneficial in slowing down fat digestion. The article “Acute Effects of a Spinach Extract Rich in Thylakoids on Satiety: A Randomized Controlled Crossover Trial” is an Open Access article available from the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, the official publication of the American College of Nutrition.

The study examines the effect of consuming a single dose of concentrated extract of thylakoids from spinach on satiety, food intake, lipids, and glucose compared to a placebo. Sixty people (30 males and 30 females) classified as overweight or obese took part in a double-blind randomized crossover study. They consumed either the spinach extract or a placebo in random order at least a week apart. Using blood samples, their lipid and glucose levels were measured before a normal breakfast, followed by a dose of the extract and standard lunch four hours later. After another four hours, pizza was served, and throughout the interval, various blood tests and responses were gathered.

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