Finally, Bacon-Flavored Health Food Has Arrived

Aug 4, 2015

Photo Courtesy of Stephen Ward, Courtest of Oregon State University

By Elizabeth Palermo

Bacon-flavored seaweed is the new kale. Yes, really.

Scientists are currently cultivating a marine plant that’s packed with more nutrients than the trendy green superfood kale. And it naturally tastes like bacon.

Bacon-flavored crackers. Bacon-flavored salad dressing. These are just two of the savory treats that have been created so far using the domesticated strain of dulse (Palmaria palmata), a kind of red algae, or seaweed, that typically grows in the waters along northern Pacific and Atlantic coastlines.

Dulse is usually harvested in the wild, dried out and then sold for up to $90 a pound, according to researchers at the Oregon State University (OSU) Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon, who developed the domesticated strain of the plant.

The OSU researchers are working on making dulse more affordable and more widely available. Their strain of the lettucelike marine plant can be cultivated using hydroponic farming methods in which the plants are grown in water, without any soil. These methods make dulse much easier to grow and harvest, and therefore more affordable. The researchers are currently producing about 20 to 30 lbs. (9 to 14 kilograms) of this fast-growing plant each week in two large, water-filled tanks at the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

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8 comments on “Finally, Bacon-Flavored Health Food Has Arrived

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    NearlyNakedApe says:

    Does anyone see a problem with this stuff?

    Other than the fact that’s expensive, not really. Personally I can live without bacon just fine. Haven’t had it in years and I don’t miss it. But if someone comes up with food that’s both tasty and healthy which can help someone transition from unhealthy eating habits to healthy ones, then I’m all for it.

    But bacon flavored kelp alone won’t replace being sensible about one’s eating habits, especially as you get older.

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  • NearlyNakedApe
    Aug 4, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    But bacon flavored kelp alone won’t replace being sensible about one’s eating habits, especially as you get older.

    You realise that this is Halal, Kosher, bacon flavoured health food, – as long as no shellfish or actual bacon is accidentally included in the seaweed!!

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  • Nothing wrong with bacon, full of protein and essential saturated fats. Don’t be taken in by the “healthy diet” fascists. There is nothing healthy about high sugar, (modern fruits etc.), high carbohydrate diets. Go with the Paleo foods we are evolved to eat.
    The “healthy diet leads to type 2 diabetes and dependence on prescribed drugs. I know it happened to me. Employing the Paleo-type diet allows me to live without the drugs and remain healthy. And that includes a couple of rashers of streaky bacon for breakfast.

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  • In my case it is an abbreviation, a shorthand for for meat, fats, fish, eggs, vegetables, herbs, seasonal fruit (in small quantities and home grown with out additives, pesticides, fungicides or anything more than a good dollop of home produced compost in early spring), avoidance of cereals. Avoiding pre-processed food, vegetable fats (except coconut and occasionally olive oil), sugary stuff (except for the very occasional treat of honey – available to even our hominid ancestors) and the odd square of 80% + pure chocolate.

    Definitely not a “Fad” but a lifesaver. 5 years after the diabetes diagnosis, my blood sugar is completely under control without drugs, to the stunned amazement of my NHS Health Centre.

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  • Elizabeth, shut up, eat the goddam bacon and die like a man! (Seaweed is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. Seaweed is the last refuge of a wimp.)

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