Kris Kobach employee allegedly fired for lack of religious fervor, lawsuit claims

Aug 25, 2015

The Capital Journal

By Tim Carpenter

A former state employee filed a federal wrongful termination lawsuit targeting Kansas’ assistant secretary of state and alleging the dismissal was based on her lack of church attendance, court records said Wednesday.

Eric Rucker, a top lieutenant to Secretary of State Kris Kobach since 2011, was sued in his official capacity by former staff member Courtney Canfield, of Topeka.

Before her discharge in November 2013, the lawsuit alleges, Rucker “repeatedly and emphatically indicated a basis for her termination as the fact that, ‘She just doesn’t go to church.’ ”

Shortly after she was hired as a clerk in January 2013, Canfield was invited by one of Kobach’s administrative assistants to attend a religious service to be conducted in the secretary of state’s office, her civil rights lawsuit said. Canfield declined to worship with colleagues at Kobach’s office in Topeka.

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3 comments on “Kris Kobach employee allegedly fired for lack of religious fervor, lawsuit claims

  • Gad, what a pack of rubes! This is precisely the kind of thing our blessed separation of church and state is intended to counteract. Plaintiff will no doubt be successful in her suit. It’s too egregious to be otherwise. It’s too bad she has to be put through such an ordeal, but she will no doubt either wipe the floor with these hillbillies or get a good settlement out of it. Except that it may be hard to prove Rucker’s intent. The intelligent people of Kansas must be writhing in embarrassment over this. Perhaps Prof. Dawkins could put in an appearance here to good effect I’m sure some University people would be glad to welcome him, and like good old Christopher Hitchens he likes going into the belly of the beast.
    “Hell is dark,” says one of Shakespeare’s characters, and I would add, “Kansas is far.” Far from capital cities, seats of learning and ideas of progress. She’ll get there, but it will be behind the rest of us.
    America is a work in progress, but she belongs to the dawn, not the sunset.

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  • Also an example of a breach of the constitution. Freedom from Religion. To discriminate against another human being on the basis of a personally held belief on any subject, has cold dark sinister cousins in our recent past. To be resisted me thinks.

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