Presentation by James Rosindell at the Ancestor’s Trail 2015

Aug 20, 2015

In this presentation James Rosindell (Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Imperial College London) shows the diversity of life life on earth and how it is related using the tree of life explorer OneZoom. He focuses on the path through the tree of life that connects Thyme to its closest and then more distant relatives including eventually to ourselves, humans.

The context is a public lecture after the Ancestor’s Trail event in 2015 Both the event and this presentation were inspired by and follow the theme of the Ancestor’s Tale popular science book by Richard Dawkins written with Yan Wong. Links to further relevant material are at and

The speaker would welcome further engagements to repeat the presentation or present on other popular science topics. Interactive touch screen displays showing similar material are available to museums and public institutions to enquire about any of this, please go to and press contact us.

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