Spyros Metallinos, Converts, #(2463)

Aug 7, 2015

Hello everyone! Since childhood I always believed in a higher power that created everything that exists but not in the creationist way. I believed that there was a god that triggered the big bang, made the planets, the universe etc. and somehow I was under the impression that this god truly cared about his creations and everything happened for a reason and for everything that science didn’t have answers there must have been divine influence (god of the gaps fallacy). How little did I know… I kept those general beliefs (not religion though) until I was 23 (2013). The reason I left those beliefs behind is because I realized the oxymorons of the god I thought existed. In 2013 my parents had died in May and July and I desperately needed hope that I would see them again somehow someday in an afterlife. A few weeks after my mother died we had a memorial (one of the many that orthodox christianity here in Greece imposes after death which is a torture for everyone) and so we were at the graveyard. After the ceremony we went to visit the grave of the daughter of a neighbor who had supported our family through all that had happened. Her daughter was 35 years old and was buried near other young people who had died (aging from infants to 25 years old). I was looking at the other graves while standing there and read what was written on them which was devastating as I was trying at the same time to find a logical reason why would a god that created and loved these children have them killed. To prove a point? To test the other people in their lives? No answer was coming to me. And then I thought if god is being mysterious or has major plans or whatever there is no excuse whatsoever for people so young to die because of these plans. I was outraged with the god I thought existed and wanted to torture him and kill Him if someday I met Him in an afterlife. Then I realized that the god I believed in doesn’t exist because he didn’t love his children. He was a sadist, psychopath, unwise and disgusting being. And finally I started thinking logically! There was never a god. There is no god and there never will be one. After that I have been watching atheist videos with valid arguments against religions, the bible, the quran and I have bought a new testament to study and use as a tool and free other people from the chains and delusion of religion. As an atheist I have now realized that I am the only master of my life and not some petty imaginary god. I have become a totally different person changed for the better and I can now truly appreciate the beauty of reality. The only things I believe in now are nature and its laws, the potential of other people, and myself. Now I value life more than I ever had before. Thank you for reading 🙂

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