Brian Carlow, Converts, #(2311)

Sep 4, 2015

The thing I’m most ashamed of , is the fact that it took me so long to realise that religion is rubbish.
All my life and after several attempts at reading the bible and trying to make sense of it. and visiting churches and so called Holy places in many different countries, hoping for some kind of divine message or understanding, i read The God Delusion and suddenly it was all so very clear that I was in fact an atheist. No wonder the bible didn’t make sense to me. Because it simply just doesn’t. I always assumed that when I got older and perhaps wiser the bible would make some sense and I would gain an understanding of it. I now understand it for what it really is. a means of controlling the ignorant and superstitious.
when I understood that I was atheist , it was as though a very heavy burden had been taken off my shoulders.
I didn’t suddenly become evil I just became aware. thank you Mr Dawkins I finally woke up at 65!!! poor silly me.
Best wishes and much success,
Brian Carlow

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  • Thanks for sharing your story Brian.
    Ashamed? because? It must be very hard to go from one side of the spectum to the other.
    Starting with a talking snake and ending with Galilei and Darwin.. that is a steep hill to climb and you made it to the top. Good for you.
    And sometimes it takes a while to discover that 2+2+ any god(s) = still 4.
    Thanks to mr. Dawkins and many others i learned to use reason and logic in my thinking and that was a long proces i had to go through.. and i’m not even religious!

    All the best from Amsterdam,


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  • Hi everyone excuse the silly analogy but , I’ve never understood why people have the need to turn to religion to fill in the blanks of what we don’t yet know or understand. Iv’e done many a crossword puzzle that i couldn’t complete , but when you have one or two answers remaining you can’t solve you don’t just shove in some random letters so you can say you solved it. You keep working on the remaining questions and if you cant solve it , you leave the questions blank for others to fill in. Religion is really just cheating on the questions we cant yet solve.

    One of the best answers to a question sometimes is simply “i don’t know”. It’s a perfectly acceptable and rational answer.

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