Cities Hosting Pope Francis Must Take Pains To Protect Church-State Separation

Sep 4, 2015


By Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Officials in Philadelphia, New York and Washington, D.C. should take care to respect separation of church and state during the upcoming visit of Pope Francis, says Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

In a letter sent today to officials in the three cities as well as federal agencies, Americans United noted that during previous papal visits, government officials have attempted to divert tax money for religious purposes. That must not happen when the pope visits in late September, says Americans United.

“Although the pope is considered a head of state, he is in a unique position because he also leads a major religious group,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United.  “As a result, government officials must be very careful not to spend taxpayer dollars for any of the pope’s religious activities while he is in the United States.”

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16 comments on “Cities Hosting Pope Francis Must Take Pains To Protect Church-State Separation

  • The Pope is not visiting the US as the “Head of State”. What possible interest could the Vatican State have with a few US Cities?
    No, this is a visit to promote the Roman Catholic Faith and as such the Pope should be afforded the same free police protection etc. that other religious leaders (Like say Billy Graham) receive when they visit other countries, which should be no more than any citizen should expect.
    Perhaps the US authorities should pay to protect any muslim mullah that decides to visit?
    Why is the leader of one sect of one religion about to receive such special civic treatment? I wonder if Archbishop Makarios; a genuine head of a genuine State, would have received such favourable treatment if he visited to discus religious rather than the secular concerns of Cyprus?
    Would the US have afforded this sponsorship of religion to another theocratic head of a genuine state if Khomeini had visited?

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  • The Controversial Poster Philoctetes
    Sep 4, 2015 at 7:51 pm

    The Pope is not visiting the US as the “Head of State”. What possible interest could the Vatican State have with a few US Cities?

    Ah! – But “hat swapping, role-swapping”, is a well known theist trick, which regularly works on faith-thinkers!

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  • Re. the OP picture: –

    You’d think to keep down infections, he would have the decency to wear and change a condom over the ring and finger between customers, when so many people are slobbering over it!

    Oooops – It’s the RCC!!!!

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  • Thanks to tony abbots new proposed law to strip Australian citizenship from alleged terrorists or their supporters, the pope won’t be coming to Australia because he will be immediately deported along with all of our pedophile priest who terrorize children, won’t they tony!

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  • The Catholic church seems concerned about loss of members from the reality of civil divorce, now the church no longer has a historical monopoly of marriage.

    Pope Francis makes it easier for Catholics to remarry
    Pope Francis has unveiled reforms intended to make it easier for Roman Catholics to get annulments and remarry within the Church.

    Catholicism does not recognise divorce and teaches marriage is a lifelong commitment.

    In order to separate, Catholics must have their marriage annulled by showing it was flawed from the outset.

    The radical reforms allow access to procedures free of charge and fast-track decisions.

    Until now the procedures have been seen as arcane, expensive and bureaucratic.

    Catholics seeking an annulment previously needed approval from two Church tribunals. The reforms will reduce this to one and remove the requirement of automatic appeal. An appeal will still be possible if one of the parties requests it.

    The new fast-track procedure will allow bishops to grant annulments directly if both spouses request it.

    Because annulment procedures are complicated, couples normally require experts to guide them through, meaning that gaining one can be expensive.

    . . . . and that is quite separate from legal civil divorce!

    Without an annulment, Catholics who divorce and marry again are considered adulterers and are not allowed to receive communion.

    So now they need some double-talk “reinterpretation”, to square the circular triangle, and pretend a divorce is not a divorce to retain church-funding members!

    For those outside the Catholic flock of faith-thinkers (and some within it), – WHO CARES what tangled semantic delusions they want to indulge in, in the Vatican???

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  • 12
    josh.sdrr says:

    Works just as well as swapping race and religion when you’re trying to defend one action while claim discrimination against you in another.

    Seem’s Jew’s and Muslim’s are masters of confusing race and religion now days.

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  • John Boehner is a Roman Catholic and thus would have great interest in pleasing the Pope (as do 7 out of 9 Supreme Court Justices). Why do I sense a long term domination of the United States by Catholic “moral authority” over our lives, our politics and our beliefs??? Soon contraceptives will be banned by congress.

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  • The pope’s people or should I say “men” are showing signs of mutiny. Doesn’t he realise that if he goes around changing religious rules to suit himself it just proves it’s all a crock of Shit!

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  • The improvement of relations with USA seems to be combined with an up-front, up-graded woo-factor, in Cuba!
    Pope Francis has called for the Church in Cuba to have “the freedom and the means” to pursue its mission, on his first visit to the island.

    He also hailed improving ties between the US and Cuba as “an example of reconciliation for the whole world”.

    He will spend four days in Cuba before flying to the US.

    Following his arrival on Cuba on Saturday, thousands lined the route of the Pope’s motorcade to the home of the Vatican’s ambassador to Cuba.

    Pope Francis – the first pontiff to hail from Latin America – is credited with helping the recent thaw in diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US.

    Mr Castro has thanked the Pope for his contribution.

    Speaking at the airport alongside President Castro, Pope Francis urged further support for Cuba’s Catholics “so that the Church can continue to support and encourage the Cuban people in its hopes and concerns, with the freedom, the means and the space needed to bring the proclamation of the kingdom to the existential peripheries of society“.

    . . . . Which in plain English, means .. . . The perceived urgent need to “save” those communist atheists, and reinstall god-delusions in their children! !!

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    Francis is a brilliant politician and an even better dangerous manipulator and the advocate of superstitious, submissive thinking. The best scientists in the world can argue with truths & facts, the head of the Vatican State will always be ahead of them by embracing the latest scientific facts and cunningly put his holy sticker on each one of them. The sticker is called: “it’s also the work of the creator”. Even children know, that being against something dark and powerful is ONLY making it’s force stronger.

    All this discussion going on endlessly about one and the other superstition is frankly boring, and the urge to oppose (not diagnosed) delusions is not only degrading for a scientist, but also life threateningly dangerous (you risk to be slaughtered by not diagnosed deluded fox). Pope Francis knows, that the miracles of the holy books are obsolete. Today everybody who really wants, can fly high in the skies, print 3D objects, walk on water or even on air, and video communication with true 3d projection and immaculate birth is probably just around the corner. Francis needs new miracles, new holy missions (like climate changes) and science is going to deliver those to him one buy one! It already seems, that science will make the christian cult, and the cult’s influence to peoples daily life stronger then ever. Anyone who have seen the Polanski movie “The Fearless Vampire Killers” knows what I exactly mean.

    The short message: All these bright and brilliant people like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris should immediately stop arguing and opposing delusion with reason, instead they should learn (like Fracis does eminently) to adapt. Believers need their miracles and holy books, science should supply them with such: “the missing manual (Bible if you will) of life”! The Ever Evolving Bible of life. The Pope has an invincible advantage, that can not be defeated by reasoning: he is worshiped. He is worshipped by most people on this planet. Would it be a crime to learn people to worship reality? Think not!

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