Güzel Sançar, Converts, #(2360)

Sep 2, 2015

As you might have told from my name, I am a Turkish woman who for most of her life, carried serious doubts about her Muslim faith since questions like: “If God wants everyone to worship him and live in peace, why does he let such bloodshed happen?” and “How can God send so many prophets, yet everytime his so called infallible best of humanity have corrupted it everytime?”. Therefore, on my 24th birthday, I took the decision to see if I could work out for myself what was going on, so…I read all three Abrahamic faith holy books in Turkish (As I had always been told reading them in any language but that which they were written in was a grievous sin, but I figured God would forgive me since I was trying to understand if I found myself unconvinced by atheist arguments), as well as reading ‘The God Delusion’ and ‘The End of Faith’ by Prof. Richard Dawkins and Prof. Sam Harris respectively, and I was deeply offended, hurt and shaken by what I read in the three ‘holy’ texts, and found myself agreeing with the two professors.

Therefore, I took the decision to renounce my faith, and not torture myself with the questions I had asked myself my whole life, as everything is much clearer without the obstacle of a god in my way. Therefore, I have much to thank you for. Thank you so much for enlightening me, I shall never forget it.

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