Ham, Converts, #(2413)

Sep 2, 2015

Islam never made sense to me because science explains everything from origin of universe and life on earth to phenomenon that happen now like earthquakes and rain etc. In Pakistan I was indoctrinated religiously as a child and the idea of hell always scared me. I really believed all my life literal interpretation of Islam is wrong and islam needs a reform just like Christianity and Judaism have . So I supported ahmadiyya movement for a while but I now have enough. All that halal and haram stuff is jusy crap.i drink alcohol sometimes without feeling any guilt now.There is no proof og existence of god satan heaven hell angels afterlife etc. Even though I have struggled with health problems most of my life I wanna stay away from religion now. I believe in moral values of a liberal society and support Richard Dawkins view that religion should not be taught in schools and children should be free to choose any or no religion when they are adult. Peace.

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