JENNY NEL, Converts, #(2324)

Sep 2, 2015

My great regret is that it took me so long to wake up to the farce that is organised religion. It was only when I was 44 years of age, after having watched both my parents die of cancer that I realised this just cannot be right. I was raised in a mildly Christian home. Not forced to go to church – I chose to go because all my friends went, and we did have great fun at the youth camps and such. I carried the guilt that is religion for 44 years. My husband has never been big on religion and just tolerated it for my sake. After my parents died – good people who worked hard and always helped others when and where they could – I read “The God Delusion” and the light was turned on. I felt so stupid for having been so gullible for so long. I felt sad for my dear Mother who spent hours praying for her children, I felt anger that the church is allowed by society to get away with murder, child abuse, extortion, corruption. I realise that religion is a man made, money making scam and I am better off without it. All those beautiful Sunday mornings wasted. Money poured into the collection plates that could have been better donated to an animal charity. If we had not been surrounded by the righteous in our early years, my late brother may have been able to live as a gay man without hiding behind alcohol as if the way he was born, was a sin. He was a kind and gentle soul but the religious would have condemned him, so he lived a lie and died young. No. Religion is pointless, cruel. I don’t need it.

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