Lorane Melvin, Converts, #(2315)

Sep 4, 2015

It was weekly Episcopalian services all through my childhood including perfect attendance at Sunday School. Upon graduating high school and entering college, I became a hippie albeit without drug use or sex. I drifted away from the church until I initiated a divorce. In deep grief and guilt about dissolving a marriage, I entered an evangelical Episcopal church although the belief in Jesus eluded me. I was prayed over to be born again and to believe in Jesus but it never happened. After several years I left that church and drifted again. I examined Judaism, meditation, and nearly converted to Roman Catholic after meeting Mother Teresa. Then I read about string theory. Suddenly I finally felt at home. I could relate to the absence of an invisible godhead. I could shred all the weird stories about virgin births, heaven and hell, Adam and Eve, apocalypse. I no longer had to look for a religion that would not be prejudiced towards women, homosexuals and non-believers. I am finally free. I am an atheist.

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    Cairsley says:

    Hello, Lorane. That was a long search you were on for something that would help you to make sense of your life, and I am very glad that you found it. All you needed was something to get you thinking rationally — in your case it was string theory! — and then you found your feet. All the best, Lorane, in your newfound freedom, which has all along been your birthright.

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