Overgrown Australian sheep Chris ‘breaks world record’

Sep 8, 2015



An overgrown Australian sheep named Chris has set a new unofficial world record following a hair cut from five sheep shearers.

Animal welfare groups warned it risked death because it was so woolly from living in the wild for several years.

More than 40kg of wool was removed in what the RSPCA says is the heaviest amount of wool cut from one shearing.

National shearing champion Ian Elkins was urgently called in on Wednesday to tackle the mammoth merino.

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22 comments on “Overgrown Australian sheep Chris ‘breaks world record’

  • If you come to Australia, the chances are some Australian will tell you to be careful out in the bush because of the Drop Bears. It’s thing Australians tell foreign tourists. On a recent cruise of the Baltic, it came up 3 times in conversation with Americans, who seem to think Australia is a very dangerous place to live. We have no land based apex predator that is a threat. Wild dog is about the max or an eagle. We have some poisonous snakes and spiders, that Steve Irwin in his Crocodile Hunter show blew out of all proportion. In the north we have salt water crocodiles. You don’t go in the water up there unless its chlorinated. White Pointer sharks down south, but you are more likely to die on the beach than be taken by a shark. Our outback desert area is a threat. Tourists get into trouble because there is nothing out there. No phone towers. No water and no shelter. A bit like a continent size death valley. We’ve had a few serial killers…. but nothing like the massacres committed by average American citizens. Come on down Alf. Join our retired grumpy old men for coffee at my local beach front cafe.

    But it’s a local custom. Not true. Here are a few details.


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  • I’d love to. But I like lizards and snakes and crocks.
    We have in the US what is known as a jackalope. Half rabbit and …….yea.
    They aren’t dangerous but they are tasty. (so I’ve heard)

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  • But David, what about those killer jellyfish I’ve been warned about? Nice beaches but step foot in the water and we’ll be fried by those stingers, right?

    Don’t forget about Crocodile Dundee as our source of information about the down under. Sexy but extremely dangerous. Sheilas need to be vigilant.

    “That’s not a knife…This is a knife!” Remember that line? 😀

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  • The merino sheep – external site was originally bred in Spain, a country with a warm climate like Australia. Unlike many of the other European animals imported to Australia at the time, the breed thrived as it was able to cope with the summer heat.

    GMO! GMO! It’s a plot, you fools, can’t you see? These creatures will multiply and conquer the world smothering humans at night under the pretense of cuddling. You’re next.. YOU’RE NEXT!!!!

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  • Melvin
    Sep 10, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    These creatures will multiply and conquer the world smothering humans at night under the pretense of cuddling.

    They have multiplied, but the sheep are controlled under human active management – unlike the invasive species of the rabbits, the foxes, the cats, the cane toads, the prickly pear cactus etc.!

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  • They have multiplied, but the sheep are controlled under human active management

    That’s what we all thought until a late breaking news story reported that a truck tipped over near Davis, California releasing a truckload of Merinos into the wild. They’ll breed and be descending on Los Angeles from all directions…Don’t you see, you fools, you’re next! (unhand me, you ruffians. I’m perfectly sane)

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  • But David, what about those killer jellyfish..

    Yeah they’re a bitch. But they are seasonal during the summer monsoon. All the sensible people like me head south for the summer. Bring your pantyhose. I understand this gives you some protection. You get some weird looks, but that’s never bothered me.

    Ahh Crocodile Dundee. The peak of Australian cinema. You know the guy Paul Hogan who plays the lead, was a painter on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but was “discovered” when they needed someone like him to do a cigarette commercial for Winston smokes.

    I think I’d rather take my chances being eaten, stung, poisoned or lost in the outback, to chance my time in the US where everyone carries a gun.

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  • You seem to have the exact same wrong idea about the US as we do about Australia. Some people have guns but I’ve gone 45 yrs without knowing any. It’s beautiful here. Mountains, desert, beautiful beaches. Wonderful people. It’s an oasis.

    The people here are kind and generous.

    I guess you could say there are dangerous places here but same people avoid those areas. Bad neighborhoods. But those people rarely overflow to your average American neighborhoods.

    I’m sure you have the same there. Don’t believe what you hear on tv.

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