A mob in India just dragged a man from his home and beat him to death — for eating beef

Oct 13, 2015

Alex Ogle/AFP/Getty Images

By Michael E. Miller

Mohammad Akhlaq was in bed when the mob arrived.

The commotion began in the distance, but crept closer and closer like encroaching thunder. Suddenly, there was a pounding at the door. Then the door broke inwards and men dragged the 50-year-old farmer from his sheets and into the street, according to the Indian Express.

They beat him with bricks found underneath his own bed; beat him until the bricks broke in their hands; beat him until Mohammad was dead.

Akhlaq’s alleged crime?

Eating beef.

The attack on Monday night in the northern Indian city of Dadri has shocked the country, but it wasn’t exactly a surprise. For the past six months, meat has been a matter of major debate in India.

Eighty percent of the country’s of 1.3 billion inhabitants are Hindu — many of whom avoid beef for religious reasons. Roughly 250 million Indians are not. That tally includes almost 25 million Christians and up to 140 million Muslims, like Akhlaq.

The issue has raged in India for years. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power last May, however, incidents have increased, as they tend to do whenever a conservative government has been in power.

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11 comments on “A mob in India just dragged a man from his home and beat him to death — for eating beef

  • @OP link – Eighty percent of the country’s of 1.3 billion inhabitants are Hindu — many of whom avoid beef for religious reasons. Roughly 250 million Indians are not. That tally includes almost 25 million Christians and up to 140 million Muslims, like Akhlaq.

    Hindu leaders have also launched efforts to convert Muslims and Christians to Hinduism and warned against romantic relationships with members of other religions.

    It is beef that has drawn the most blood, however.

    India’s 36 states and territories have long been a patchwork quilt when it comes to their laws regarding beef. Some said that only old cows could be killed. Others allowed only bulls or bullocks to be sent to the butcher.

    In the past 15 months, however, many states have tightened their laws — with encouragement from Modi’s political party.

    The most prominent example is the western state of Maharashtra, home to the bustling metropolis of Mumbai and many of the country’s Muslims. Under BJP leadership, the state passed the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Bill back in 1996 but it was blocked from becoming law because president Shankar Dayal Sharma of the Opposition Congress Party refused to approve it.

    With Modi’s election last year, however, times have changed. And in March of this year, BJP members in Maharashtra convinced the current president to approve the law.

    The move effectively banned beef overnight, putting thousands of predominantly Muslim butchers out of a job and putting anyone eating beef in the state at risk of arrest.

    Ah! The “benefits” of religious superstitions, and religious majorities exercising their “freedoms”!

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  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-34477875

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has broken his silence over the mob killing of a Muslim man rumoured to have eaten beef.

    “Hindus should decide whether to fight Muslims or poverty. Muslims have to decide whether to fight Hindus or poverty.

    Apparently (due to “faith-thinking”) Modi, having legislated to stop the killing of sacred cows, thinks that deprived beef eaters and bigots should stop fighting, and “fight poverty” – by allowing multitudes of sacred cows to wander the country eating crops and vegetation!

    But his comments come on the same day that members of Mr Modi’s BJP party beat a Muslim politician in the Kashmir state assembly after he served beef at a private party.

    The politician – Rashid Ahmed – said he did it in protest against a ban on serving beef in the state.

    Opposition leader Omar Abdullah led a walkout, asking afterwards: “Do I assault everyone who eats pork or alcohol?

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  • Purportedly, as a sign of dishonour, a slice of pork was placed on an injured man’s face.

    To be rid of any protein representation, we should only eat A4D’s “crops and vegetation“. (hyperbole)

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  • Re- Abdullah’s remark

    As I understand it, pork / alcohol are unclean products, but Mr. Abdullah should have no problem with others (non-believers at least) consuming them.
    Whereas, apparently, cows are sacred. So the (hardline) Hindus have a problem with anyone killing/eating them.

    Just saying. It’s madness, but let’s be rational about it.

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  • An inquiry is now producing some facts!


    Mohammad Akhlaq was beaten to death over accusations the goat meat in his fridge was beef

    A commission of inquiry in India has concluded that the lynching of a man over rumours he kept and consumed beef was premeditated and not spontaneous.

    A panel from the National Commission for Minorities visited the village of Bisada, near Delhi, where Mohammad Akhlaq, a Muslim, was beaten to death.

    It said a Hindu temple had been used to plan the attack.

    Government ministers from the Hindu nationalist BJP have said the incident was a spontaneous expression of anger.

    In recent weeks three Muslim men have been killed by Hindus accusing them of eating or smuggling beef.

    Mr Akhlaq’s killing sparked furious debate about religious tolerance, with some criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not condemning the attack sooner.

    Two weeks later he called it “sad and undesirable”.

    Mr Akhlaq, a farm worker in the state of Uttar Pradesh, was asleep next to his son last month when a mob burst in wielding sticks, swords and pistols.

    Mr Akhlaq and his son were beaten with bricks, kicked and stabbed repeatedly.

    The team of investigators concluded in its report that the mob violence against Mr Akhlaq and his family had been planned and a Hindu temple was used “to exhort people of one community to attack a hapless family”.

    Mr Khan said an announcement by the temple that beef had been found provoked the assault.

    The ability of so many people to amass within minutes “at a time when most villagers claimed they were asleep, seems to point to some premeditated planning,” the report said.

    There is a separate, ongoing police investigation into the case.

    Ah! The “benefits” of religion led, hate-preaching “morality”!

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  • @OP – The issue has raged in India for years. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power last May, however, incidents have increased, as they tend to do whenever a conservative government has been in power.

    It seems that at least some people are fed-up with him!

    The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has admitted defeat for his governing BJP in a key regional election in Bihar state.

    The BJP was running against an alliance of parties linked to main opposition Congress party in the state assembly.

    Mr Modi won a convincing victory in last year’s national elections, but this poll was seen as a referendum on his economic programme.

    Defeat is a major setback, says the BBC’s Sanjoy Majumder in Delhi.

    However, a spokesman for the Hindu-led nationalist party rejected suggestions the result for the state assembly was a personal blow for Mr Modi, saying the BJP “managed a creditable performance”.

    The prime minister had been hoping a victory in Bihar would boost his party’s strength in India’s upper house of parliament, which made up of representatives of state legislatures and where he lacks a majority.

    With votes still being counted, the anti-Modi alliance was ahead in 125 seats, compared with the BJP’s 79 seats, out of 238 where the trends were clear.

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