13 comments on “BIOLOGY – In The Beginning – Richard Dawkins

  • bonnie
    Oct 21, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    This linked video gives a good simple explanation of evolution from LUCA onward.

    The comments section also gives a good example of the asserted ignorance of a creationist who cannot even understand basic English – and with classic D-K confidence and psychological projection, asserts that HE has done “research” and everyone else knows nothing!!!!!
    He just does not get that there there were replicating molecules and organisms evolving in RNA world, exchanging genetic material BEFORE the advent of LUCA. – But hey! That would be biology!!

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  • I agree about the comments. Very disturbing. You can’t reason with some people. That’s the problem. Too much rage.
    Dawkins is one of the great scientists and public intellectuals of our time.
    Superb writer too.

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  • Sorry Alan4D

    This guy was too good for me. I just couldn’t overcome his argument. These christians… Sheesh.

    Youtube is just lousy with Dawkinslaves………They are everywhere with their rage monster attitudes and anger demon personalities! How does this idiot know what happened three billion years ago, and people give creationists a hard time about something that allegedly happened a couple thousand years ago

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  • David R Allen
    Oct 26, 2015 at 2:34 am


    I always find it comical when some IDiot, starts quoting their own incredulity and improbability figures for abiogenesis, which they have blindly copied from the Hamster, AIG. and Co. in order to impress scientists!
    The SETI investigators have spent decades trying to get some reputable source to calculate conditions and a figure for abiogenesis, while NASA has been spending substantial sums of money trying to get a figure to put into the Drake Equation in order to estimate the probability of life elsewhere in the galaxy!

    Of course for those who can’t distinguish common descent and evolution from abiogenesis, persistent assertion of (my) “god-did-it” + a few adhoms, is probably the best they can manage.
    Astronomers, palaeontologists, physicists and geologists, habitually use very large numbers in the course of their work.
    YECs and IDiots, just use them to express incredulity and innumeracy!

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