Workers Removing Ten Commandments From Oklahoma Capitol

Oct 6, 2015


By Sarah Pulliam Bailey

A 4,800-pound Ten Commandments monument on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds was removed by workers in the dark on Monday and transported to the offices of a private conservative think tank.

The move followed a decision in June from the Oklahoma Supreme Court that the statue violates a state constitutional prohibition on the use of public property to support “any sect, church, denomination or system of religion.”

The monument, a 6-foot-tall, 3-foot-wide slab of stone shaped into two tablets, paid for with private donations and approved by the legislature, was installed at the statehouse in Oklahoma City in 2012.

On Monday, the monument was moved between 10:15 p.m. and 11:30 p.m., Office of Management and Enterprise Services spokesman John Estus said Tuesday.

Estus said that the decision to remove the monument in the dark was made to avoid disturbing workers at the Oklahoma Capitol, while heavy equipment was being used to detach the statue, and to avoid protesters.

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6 comments on “Workers Removing Ten Commandments From Oklahoma Capitol

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    maria melo says:

    It problably means that if no one makes a precedente, the law is useless.
    I can´t help wondering what about to sware on the bible, is it too far from applying the same principle?

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  • When in court over a rent issue, I was asked to swear on,
    Bible or my own word, I live in Mitcham, in australia, the other party however, when on to, swear by almighty god, and added amen to her oath, at least we have the option here 🙂

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    Cairsley says:

    I suppose that removing the monument was the only way to ensure that Satanic and Pastafarian statues would not be erected there. This is one small victory for the secular constitution of the United States.

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    maria melo says:

    Lawrence Krauss made a great funny comment, something like: the USA does not rend justice to it´s own constitution: “nothing out of something” that´s what is made there with the use of it´s constitution.

    Not at the level of humanist independent thinking, but indeed on the level of childhood, what a shame.

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  • Been following this story with some amusement I’m sure they’ve moved it to avoid the Baphomet statue arriving.

    With regards to swearing on the bible.
    Here in the UK it is quite normal not to swear on the bible. If I remember rightly the clerk of the court asked my religion, in any event I just had to read a statement to tell the truth. My partner had to swear an affidavit at a solicitors office and when she said she would not swear on the bible because she was an atheist the solicitor remarked that she was the first to say that. The solicitor then went on to point out they had done this process many times (hundreds if not thousands) and it must be that many of those swearing on the bible must have been either non christian or non religious. Were they all lying? Anyway they had an official atheist statement ready for the occasion.

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