ISIS Claims It Struck Police in Bangladesh

Nov 10, 2015


NEW DELHI — The Islamic State, in statements attributed to it, claimed responsibility for an attack near the Bangladeshi capital that left one police officer dead and another wounded, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist activity online.

The attack took place Wednesday morning at a checkpoint along a street about 30 miles from the capital, Dhaka, in what appeared to be the first assault on representatives of the Bangladeshi state to be claimed by the Islamic State. It comes as extremist violence is rising, and as threats against vocal secularists in the country are increasing.

The Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, claimed the attack in a message circulated online, SITE said late Wednesday.

“In a security operation, Allah enabled the soldiers of the state in Bangladesh to attack a police checkpoint,” SITE quoted the group as saying, and “the soldiers of the caliphate withdrew safely.”

The disconnect between Bangladesh and foreign intelligence agencies has confused Bangladeshis and foreigners alike, and could complicate anti-terrorism efforts.Bangladesh Pushes Back as

A police official said two men rode up on a motorcycle to the checkpoint in the Baroipara area between 7:35 and 7:45 a.m., as five officers were preparing for a new shift. They were putting on helmets and other gear and were not carrying their weapons, said Habibur Rahman, the superintendent of police in the Dhaka district.

The men stabbed two constables who were standing apart from the rest and opened fire before escaping on their motorcycle, the superintendent said.

United States officials have expressed concern over possible threats the Islamic State poses in Bangladesh, and the group, in social media messages, also appears to have claimed responsibility for a series of other attacks. Those include the killing of two foreigners this year, and the bombing of a large gathering of Shiites last month that killed a teenage boy and wounded dozens of people.

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13 comments on “ISIS Claims It Struck Police in Bangladesh

  • Looking at them all posing in the photograph they remind me of the Judean Popular Front from Life of Brian.
    Or was that The People’s Front of Judeah ? Or the Judean Liberation Army or…….
    History repeats itself, the names change but the stupidity remains the same.

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  • Although not yet confirmed, I’ve just heard what could turn out to be excellent news; the maniac “Jihadist John” has been targetted and killed.

    A shame he couldn’t have stood trial, and there’s the risk that he’ll become a martyr, but if the reports are true at least he can do no more harm.

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  • I think one reason for getting him now rather than trying to catch him is that he was fairly high up the command tree. Thus a strategic target as well as a moral one.
    It seems that ISIS must be heavily infiltrated as a lot of information always seems to be available to target these strikes.
    If those running the show can be identified and taken out it might lead to a much faster successful outcome and to my mind a more moral way of getting there.

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  • You’e probably right about infiltration Tim; they don’t seem to be very cohesive or disciplined; their boots could do with being cleaned for a start!

    It looks as if they’ve had good arms training though; do you know how to tell that?

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  • I see all the weapons are being held in a safe position, fingers are all outside the trigger guards. But what do you make of it?
    Also note the uniforms are not quite ‘uniform’.
    After seeing what happened in Paris the intel can’t be that good or we would have had some warning it was likely.
    Still all they seem to be doing in the end is winding up the western nations and Russia. Don’t think that was the smartest move. Hopefully that will be their doom, I can’t see Mr Putin taking the loss of a passenger plane lightly. Also Hollande will want to find a means of getting back at them. Dreadful as these atrocities are lets hope it hastens their demise.

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  • This picture clearly shows a number of men who are frustrated and dissatisfied with their of life. And it is no wonder they are willing to die….after all there is nothing to live for, only to die for. Their hope is going to heaven and each having their 27 virgin wives, being martyrs. If one believes in the absolute sense that kind of nonsense then of course it is better to die than to live in a world as they now inhabit.

    As I watch the news, it is clear that none of our leaders know what can be done with ISIS. They continually avoid the real solutions. One is to eliminate religion….ALL religions. Another is to greatly increase education to reduce ignorance. Educated people QUESTION AUTHORITY and usually won’t fall for dogma as preached by leaders of various religions, that is ALL religions. Those leaders depend on people being ignorant and are too stupid to question their “moral authority.”

    Once women are educated they will refuse to be slaves and property of men and they will refuse to be baby machines. As economic conditions worsen, women will lead the way in reducing the population and the right to have orgasms without the fear of getting pregnant….. yet again.

    A population explosion, meaning population growth beyond the carrying capacity, decreases the opportunity for extensive education, economic hardship for the people, increases ignorance that produces a population that is ripe for religious exploitation.

    Can you imagine in any country today a political leader suggesting (1) abolishing religion, (2) stabilizing the population size, and (3) making education (NOT indoctrination) free for everyone??? And what I mean by education is not memorizing what is given to students but how to think.

    It is truly frustrating to watch world news and hear our “leaders” come up with no real ways of solving what is becoming a world wide problem. As some of them would advise, pray and read the scriptures. How very sad.

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  • Yes Education is the key. Especially of women.
    There is a worldwide campaign for this, so there is hope yet.
    Our ex prime minister Gordon Brown is heavily involved in it. I think he does better in this than his attempt at running the UK. Malala Yousafzai is also a great proponent of women’s education, especially in Muslim countries, morons like the ones in the picture tried to kill her and failed. So there is much hope, even some success.

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