QoW Winner NOV 21

Nov 24, 2015

Last week we asked, “How best can societies in Europe and the rest of the West combat terrorists and the circumstances that helped produce them?”

The winner is Franz Von Rintelen

Runners-up: Richard01, Willow

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    maria melo says:

    I will not congratulate RDF for the choice of the winner BY NO MEANS as far as it suggests just another kind of totalitarism, the purpose of education is not to control individuals but to give them cultural tools to create balanced individuals.
    I agree however that some muslims didn´t have a balanced education.
    No more words are worth to say I suppose.
    Also because it supports political dangerous ideals.
    Should I congratulate RDF for wrong choices instead?

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  • **Terrorism and Society in lack of intellectual and ethical landmarks **

    In reference to Franz v R text, I’ll say that secularism concept in France banned the teaching of any religion. Parents who wish their children to have a religious education must register them in a private place such a Church or Mosque for the Catechism or the Koran education for French Muslims. And the majority of the French doesn’t care about religion, the French “Muslims” included
    The terrorists had no direct ties to religion during their childhood. But all were later influenced by Salafist preachers.

    **A French Racism 50 years Old **
    The problem is not religion at first, but racism and social conditions.
    The French had still not fully come to term its 1962 defeat in Algeria. For them Algeria weren’t a colony, but three French departements since 1848, a part of France
    Until independence in 1962, almost 2 million french had fled once and for all the country where they were born, primarily to settle in the South of the France.
    In the same time, between 1960-1970, the major French companies went to the North African countries to engage hundreds of thousands of workers.
    Everything was in place to perpetrate racism that existed in French Algeria.

    What’s about new generation
    Today is the third generation of these immigrants. Their children and grandchildren were born in France and are French. Unfortunately, because of racism, unemployment is very high in this population, which is predominantly installed in suburbs like ghettos.
    These suburbs were abandoned by the Authorities, becoming a breeding ground for Salafist preachers who only had to gather young people in lack of intellectual and ethical landmarks.

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