Quantum entanglement achieved at room temperature in semiconductor wafers

Nov 21, 2015

Entanglement is one of the strangest phenomena predicted by quantum mechanics, the theory that underlies most of modern physics. It says that two particles can be so inextricably connected that the state of one particle can instantly influence the state of the other, no matter how far apart they are.

Just one century ago, entanglement was at the center of intense theoretical debate, leaving scientists like Albert Einstein baffled. Today, however, entanglement is accepted as a fact of nature and is actively being explored as a resource for future technologies including quantum computers, quantum communication networks, and high-precision quantum sensors.

Entanglement is also one of nature’s most elusive phenomena. Producing entanglement between particles requires that they start out in a highly ordered state, which is disfavored by thermodynamics, the process that governs the interactions between heat and other forms of energy. This poses a particularly formidable challenge when trying to realize entanglement at the macroscopic scale, among huge numbers of particles.

“The macroscopic world that we are used to seems very tidy, but it is completely disordered at the atomic scale. The laws of thermodynamics generally prevent us from observing quantum phenomena in macroscopic objects,” said Paul Klimov, a graduate student in the University of Chicago’s Institute for Molecular Engineering and lead author of new research on quantum entanglement. The institute is a partnership between UChicago and Argonne National Laboratory.

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  • and applying huge magnetic fields (1,000 times larger than that of a
    typical refrigerator magnet)

    If you gather 1000 fridge magnets, are you half way towards having enough equipment to do your own research into quantum phenomena? You just need a friend with a freezer that reaches -270 degrees Celsius?

    Joking aside (and I hope I didn’t have to tell you that that was a joke), watch this space for a brief contribution from me in answer to “waiting for mystics to misapproriate this”, in the next few days.

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