ISOC Islamist Students Attempt To Intimidate Maryam N

Dec 3, 2015

RDFRS also received this letter:

“Dear whoever it may concern,

My name is Asher Fainman and I run the Goldsmiths university Atheist, Secularist and Humanist society. We recently invited the speaker Maryam Namazie to give a talk which was aggressively interrupted by members of the Islamic society and associates, who tried to shout and intimidate Maryam in order to cow her into silence. This was widely covered in the media and there is an ongoing investigation into the event by the SU and in regards to a death threat that was made by one of the Isoc members.

Yesterday we put up a petition campaign to call on the NUS to change their ‘safe space’ policy because this was abused by some of the Isoc members to try and justify their actions. There was also a lack of response from our SU in regards to changes to their policy that we had requested. The silencing of dissenting and blasphemous points of view seems to be a recurrent trend at universities and often it is because of these policies vagueness, which is open to structural abuse. We want to call on the NUS to change these policies that impose unfair restrictions on freedom of expression.

Richard Dawkins himself posted about this event and we would greatly appreciate the Richard Dawkins foundation reading our public statement in full which details our proposals and publicising it formally so that others may sign our petition posted below:

Thank you for your support in this matter and we hope to hear back from you soon.

Kind Regards,
Asher Fainman (GUASHSoc president)”


Members of Goldsmiths Islamic Society (ISOC) attempt to intimidate and disrupt during a talk by Maryam Namazie at Goldsmiths University, UK.

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5 comments on “ISOC Islamist Students Attempt To Intimidate Maryam N

  • The most shameful behaviours came from Goldsmith’s feminist and LGBT groups that believed the “Islamophobe” jibe and condemned the atheists.

    The leader of the Muslim faction has just resigned after his earlier homophobic activity came to light. He tweeted back in August

    Homosexuality is a disease of the heart and mind.

    Preaching a need for safe spaces for Muslims not a few of the protesters might believe the safest space for women is in a burka and for LGBT folk in a corrective institution.

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  • I personally believe that we must help nuance the discourse and draw people out of Toxic Werdz thinking.

    I think we must at least give people pause to think a little deeper by always and ever inviting those using the incoherent epithet of Islamophobe to consider using the term Muslimophobe. It is properly phobic to judge people before knowing the content of their minds (cultural and ideological tags are often nothing like a personal choice). Islam is a set of ideologies and ideologies are fair game for discussion always and ever.

    It would be nice (sic) to help change the discourse.

    “By Islamophobia, do you mean Muslimophobia?”

    “But the harms are to people, surely?”

    “But there are different versions and interpretations of Islam. Its their choice, surely?”

    “But they criticise each other, so…its ok to criticise versions of ideologies when it intrudes on the lives of others, surely?”

    etc. etc.

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  • A safe space for Muslims is what some are worried about? I was worried about a safe space for Maryam Namazie through the whole video clip. In the current environment, did she really have enough security there? I don’t think so. I’m worried about her safety. I think she did a great job maintaining her dignity through the whole fiasco. She lost her temper at one point there but who wouldn’t? Good on those who spoke up in her defense.

    She is correct when she said that this was not a discussion. The islamists were there with the intention of disrupting, verbally attacking and intimidating her. If they gave a presentation on the truth of Islam and a bunch of Atheists behaved in the same way there’d be no end of their shrieking and wailing about oppression.

    Free speech is of primary importance but even free speech has limits. Free speech ends where incitement and harassment begins. Toss the bums out on their ears!

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