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  • I feel a children’s picture book coming on. In ‘The Very Sleepy Cow’ our eponymous hero will wander the farm looking for places to sleep. The hen house was too small, the pig sty was too smelly, the duck pond was too wet, the midden was too swampy. In the normal book she will find the barn with lots of soft straw to sleep on until milking time, but in the director’s cut she will wander further afield and find herself bedding down in the abattoir with a friendly looking man with a bolt gun coming to tuck her in.
    Do we have any illustrators out there who’d like to collaborate, or any pedants ready to point out that local abattoirs have been closed and business transferred to the big agri-firms?

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    NearlyNakedApe says:

    So, does this mean chocolate milk really does come from chocolate cows?


    Also, stinky cheese comes from the milk of stinky cows and farty cows make fart-inducing milk. We all knew that right?

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  • That’s brilliant. I’d want a copy for the kids. And the Director’s Cut version for when they’ve grown up enough to appreciate it. Say, by the time they’re of an age to run off and join daesh….

    Er, I meant all kids, not [just] my own.

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