The Quran Experiment

Dec 10, 2015

Dutch YouTubers disguised a Bible as Quran and filmed people’s reactions to some of the verses in it – verses about cutting off hands, not forgiving and killing.
The vast majority was shocked when they found out that the verses actually came from the Bible.

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  • Putting aside the question of whether Bible-Koran similarities are a pox on both their houses or none, it amazes me when people don’t realise how similar the texts will be. Think about it: they’re both attempts to explain Judaism anew. I wonder how many people realise the New Testament is several centuries older than the Koran.

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  • No matter how many times I explain to those in my family, or other believers, they look at me as if I am blaspheming Jos. They say things like, ‘we do believe that Jesus was prophet though’, and other rubbish like that. Listening or learning shuts down pretty fast when it comes to their religion. Give them some other rubbish like a shoal of fish have some mystic power so they can turn in unison and they suddenly look interested. Magic seems to excite them but reality scares them.

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  • Well at least those hoodwinked all took it in good humour ! I can’t imagine the same reaction in The USA’s Bible Belt. But then even there, God seems to be getting ready for retirement.

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  • The convergence noted in this ‘experiment’ is of course no surprise.
    It is probably not ‘politically correct’ to publicise the fact that Islam is nothing more than recycled Judaism, and those utterences attributed to the camel trader from Mecca are but garbled re-tellings of biblical text mingled with some more local Arab pagan beliefs.

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  • I’d like to see the results of Quran/Bible/Game of Thrones bingo in different parts of the world.

    My father, a Church of England vicar, encouraged me to read the bible from start to end in my early teens. Comparing what it actually said to the positive, life affirming things he said in the pulpit every week l got my first inkling of the level of cognitive dissonance required to be a believer. Not only do you have to mentally stick your fingers in your ears and go ‘La La La!’ when the grown ups are talking about science and reality, you also have to do it when you read the bible repeating ‘ Gentle Jesus loves us and all this is just metaphor, except the bits condemning homosexuality’ constantly in your head…

    I think the correct response to the devout believers is pity. Their brains must be painful, noisy places to live in.

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  • Quran/Bible/Game of Thrones

    The latter two have been categories on the u.s. game show ‘Jeopardy!’ – doubtful Merv Griffin Productions will feature the former any time soon.

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  • The Bible and the Koran were compare, counting passages that contained “Cruelty or Violence”

    On a head to head, the bible has 842 violent or cruel passages, while the koran only has 333.

    But the bible is considerably larger than the koran, so when the size of the text is put into the equation, the percentages are:-

    Bible. 2.71%

    Koran 5.34%

    The study did not compare the levels of violence or cruelty in the passages.

    I think this cartoon summarizes my position.

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  • I’ve read both the Bible (again) and the Quran in the last couple of years. Both are hideous beyond belief. The Bible has a lot of specific passages supporting genocide. However the Quran says an awful lot about the torture of hell one passage explains that you will be so thirsty that you will forced to drink boiling water like a camel. Both as hideous. The only real concern I have at this stage in history is how far Christians are prepared to follow the book that frankly few know anything about. Nutter Christians at the moment seem more likely to shoot up an abortion center rather than blow themselves up and as many civilians as they can. The task I suppose is to try to get Islam to moderate itself in that fashion. Need the extremists to become as ignorant and malleable when it comes to their scripture as most Christians.

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  • Holland is a very secular country so I wouldn’t expect very many people there to have a clue what’s really in the bible and even fewer to know much about the koran. Even as a kid I was stunned and shocked by how disgusting the bible is when I was forced to plough my way through it at school and briefly in Sunday school. Much of its content would surely be classified as hate speech nowadays under UK law although quoting from it gets a free pass of course which makes a mockery of hate speech law from the start.

    As Headswapboy says, you have to have a considerable amount of cognitive dissonance to be able to both call the bible the inerrant and perfect word of god and at the same time cherry pick out all the bad bits as being anachronism or metaphor because they’re either vile or illegal.

    I did try to start reading the koran briefly online but it was soooo boring and repetitive and so clearly just copied from the bible at its root I couldn’t get past the first few pages. They’re both disgusting models to base any sort of sane behaviour on.

    It must surely be long past the time when compulsory religious education in UK schools and having to start the school day with prayer ought to be abolished as child abuse.

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  • 18
    NearlyNakedApe says:

    I have had some Catholic education in 2nd and 3rd grade but it was mostly catechism. Most people in Western Christian majority societies have not been told by clerics and religious teachers what’s really in the Bible. Many of them will purposefully avoid the most hideous parts on purpose (at least where I grew up).

    I only learned about the really bad things much later in adult life, and then only because I proactively seeked the knowledge. So if most people in Western societies know so little about the Bible, we can reasonably expect them to know even less about the Quran. Therefore, not only are the results of this prank quite unsurprising but we can’t really blame any of them for having being been fooled.

    I think it also demonstrates that there are many similarities between the horrors of the Bible and those of the Quran (killing homosexuals, cutting off hands for theft, enslaving women, etc…). Heck I might have fallen for it too.

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  • really blame any of them for having being been fooled

    I don’t think the results were in any doubt NNA, the intention was to ask, ‘then why are you not so violent then’? Its a relief for the moderates.

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  • Most of the clergy (of all kinds) really do not know the Bible (old and new), its origins, influences, its story tellers, history etc.. In order to do so you have to know something about history, archeology linguistics, a biblical scholar, the fundamentalist are grossly ignorant about the Bible which is not the word of god, but men. However, bottom line organized religion all of them, are about control, manipulation, guilt, and ignorance, anti-feminist, evolution, and same sex relationships (disrupts the make power system) which is why so many psychopaths enter them.

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  • Bible-v-Koran is only part of the story. Koran can’t be ‘interpreted’
    without reference to the Hadiths and Sira; for one thing the Koran
    verses are NOT chronological but arranged in order of length.
    There is no sense of story or continuity & many verses make no sense.

    David R Alan- please take a look at this
    and re-calculate your percentages of violent, cruel hate-filled and racist
    verses in the Koran….

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  • The part of the koran, hadiths, that are said to be the most violent is followed by the sunni muslims who are not the terrorists. The Wahhabis are the terrorists so the plot thickens!! 😉

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  • 24
    NearlyNakedApe says:

    Most of the clergy (of all kinds) really do not know the Bible

    Many of them aren’t Bible scholars but the most devout certainly have read it or attempted to read it cover to cover. Those who don’t see the horrors in it have either not understood the archaic and sometimes cryptic language used or they do understand it but something is wrong with their moral compass, which is often the result of cognitive dissonance and intellectual dishonesty.

    the fundamentalist are grossly ignorant about the Bible

    Some are and some aren’t. In this regard, I suggest you listen to a podcast by Sam Harris in which he interviews Megan Phelps, the daughter of Fred Phelps, the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church which is considered one of the most fundamentalist in the US. Megan left the WBC in 2012. She and her family were required to read, memorize and recite the Bible, Madrassa style.

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  • 25
    NearlyNakedApe says:

    the sunni muslims who are not the terrorists. The Wahhabis are the terrorists…

    But isn’t Wahhabism an ultra-orthodox branch of Sunni Islam? So aren’t Wahhabis also Sunni by definition?

    The part of the koran, hadiths, that are said to be the most violent is followed by the sunni muslims who are not the terrorists.

    Aren’t those called Islamists? Muslims who want to spread Islam through political and social activism but who are not Jihadists themselves? People like Anjem Choudari for example?

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  • Tekin Beyoglu
    Dec 13, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    Which Christianity and which Islam?

    Very much so – with the numerous sects and denominations having a long history of disputing and fighting with each other.

    The only thing that makes these words have any meaning is the texts they’re based on, other than that it gets messy.

    Even those Christian texts, come in a variety of translations, mistranslations and versions! – Even before we look at the scrolls behind Gnostic and Coptic gospels.

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