Tsai Ing-wen elected Taiwan’s first female president

Jan 16, 2016

Tsai Ing-wen has been elected Taiwan’s first female president.

Ms Tsai, 59, leads the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that wants independence from China.
In her victory speech, she vowed to preserve the status quo in relations with China, adding Beijing must respect Taiwan’s democracy and both sides must ensure there are no provocations.
China sees the island as a breakaway province – which it has threatened to take back by force if necessary.

In her speech, Ms Tsai hailed a “new era” in Taiwan and pledged to co-operate with other political parties on major issues.
The will of the Taiwanese people would be the basis for relations with China, Ms Tsai said.
“I also want to emphasise that both sides of the Taiwanese Strait have a responsibility to find mutually acceptable means of interaction that are based on dignity and reciprocity.
“We must ensure that no provocations or accidents take place,” Ms Tsai said, warning that “any forms of suppression will harm the stability of cross-strait relations”.

She thanked the US and Japan for their support and vowed Taiwan would contribute to peace and stability in the region.

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6 comments on “Tsai Ing-wen elected Taiwan’s first female president

  • And on every possible occasion during her campaign, she visits the hundreds of temples on the island nation and prays for the prosperity and the longevity of the country and its people. What does the Richard Dawkin’s Foundation have to say about this?

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  • Will Lo. At a guess Richard would likely say…’believe what you want- as long as it does not harm others- and you do not indoctrinate your children with it’ (Hitch said ‘play with these toys all you want- just don’t make ME play with them). Practically speaking…even if she IS secular…if she stated it publically she would not have had ANY chance of success in politics in that country- leaving the way open for the other less suitable and scrupulous candidates. Let’s not be too harsh here in our judgments…okay?

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